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Frustrated I am not amused with my piggie.


Cavy Slave
Sep 25, 2011
I've always had a huge problem with one of my pigs, Kylie, being a digger. In the beginning, I had fleece pads for the bottom of the cage. She would go under the fleece pads and pee on the coroplast. Lovely. Then, I used u-haul on the bottom of the cage and put a longer piece of fleece on top, draping it over the sides. Kylie would pull the fleece down and go onto the u-haul. Next, I bought some binder clips and put them along the sides of the cage. She would pull the fleece from between the binder clips to get in. Up until now, I had been fine with about 60 binder clips, putting them around the edge every 1 1/2 inches. Kylie has now figured out how to pull off the binder clips, so I'm going to put a binder clip on every inch of the edge and try that now. Do I have a right to be a bit frustrated with her?! I love her to death, but this is a little bit ridiculous. [video=youtube;zoWFj9lFxH4]
she looks strong!, my guineas do that so i just had to put towels, fleece then extra fleece, so they still think they are out doing me but i cannot be out smarted! they still pull the top layer and hide but the towels dont get too wet cause of the other fleece, if that makes sense!
She might just want to get under it, try laying an extra piece of fleece over the spot. She would feel accomplished by getting under something. Couldn't hurt to try!
Oops! It looks like it said you already tried that,sorry about that
Those are both really good ideas! I'm going to toss in a piece of fleece right now that way she can burrow in that....

Nope, my first post was worded kinda funny though...I meant the fleece was the top layer. I haven't tried your idea yet. But I'm going to right now!
Oh goood! Yea my girls like to burrow under towels and stuff I put down, it makes me so mad, so if I put an extra on top it usually stops them from going under the very bottom. Hope it works! :)
does she have a fleece forest?
she may also like have one of those
She is such a little brat!!! I hope what you try works!!
My pigs do this. So I give them a small blanket and just plop it in the cage so they can burrow in that instead of under my fleece
They have a fleece forest, and they really love it! It doesn't stop her from pulling the fleece, though...maybe she's bored??
I think piggies have a burrowing instinct, and will try very hard to get underneath something. I had a GP that drove me nuts, though she wasn't quite as bad as yours I'm afraid. Let me ask, does she always go under the fleece in the same spot? Mine would always try the same spot, like it was the den "entrance." I was able to make her stop by blocking her access to that part of the cage. I fixed it permanently by sewing liners that went over the coroplast walls, but that may not work with your determined little pig. :)
Mine have been burrowing like no tomorrow...I gave them a few tubes and paper bags to play in..it has satisfied them for now.

I'm going to make some tunnels for them, and hopefully if I keep them stimulated and not bored they won't pull it down.

I've noticed alot of people talking about it lately...maybe it's the time of year or weather or something...
I can't remember what they're called, but you can get clips that are used as cheap picture frames (they just hold a piece of plastic over a poster and some cardboard) at craft stores, and use those to clip the fleece down. You just put them all along the edges, and they don't have enough room or leverage to get the fleece up.

C-Line Slide-'n-Grip Binding Bars for Report Covers is one brand. You can get a box of 100 for about $22 at Walmart, but you might be able to find them cheaper in smaller quantities elsewhere. I'd google them and see if someone close to you has them.
Nope, she doesn't always do it in the same spot. I wish it was that easy!

They have cozies and hideys galore. I don't think it'll be possible for me to outsmart her. She's such an evil genius! My mom is always joking that if Kylie were a human, she'd be a criminal mastermind.

I'm going to look into those binding bars at Walmart. I'll probably get them; I can use the leftover ones for their intended purposes. It's such a pain whenever I clean the cage to take off all the binder clips then put them all back on.
You could clip the fleece onto the "cage" part so it will be too high for her.
One of my pigs does that so I have a fleece blanket that can be draped over the sides and then the edges can be tucked underneath the cage. It seems to do the trick for me.
I've always had a huge problem with one of my pigs, Kylie, being a digger.

One determined piggie. Awwwww. My newest likes to hide. The only thing I can suggest is more material to take cover under. I've ripped up blankets, pj's, towels just to make a pile that they can burrow under. After time you will see them peeking out and getting curious. Takes time, sometimes.
Have you tried getting the fleece long enough to drap over the sides so it doesn't look like she can get into it?
Yeah, I've draped it and tucked it under the bottom of the coroplast, and that has worked the best. The problem is that I have about 6 pieces of fleece that aren't long enough for that and only 2 that are...I was thinking about maybe sewing sides to the fleece? Like kind of a border that way all my fleece is long enough to drape?
has anyone made liners will elastic?
this may work best for OP
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