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Want a Guinea Pig(s) I am in love.


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Apr 28, 2012
So I found this gorgeous baby on Petfinder: Petfinder Adoptable Guinea Pig | Guinea Pig | Westland, MI | Porkchop

I am smitten with him, and have submitted an application to adopt. I gave everything from references, to cage size, feeding, nail trimming, to current piggies I have (two). My only concern is this rescue seems leery about putting boars together, but hopefully they will work with me. I would love to give him a home with my boys. I've done introductions before, so hopefully my experience will help, as well as the fact that they support C&C cages.

I drove all the way out to a PetCo (yuck!) in Westland just to see if he was there, as apparently once a month the rescue brings in the animals to try and adopt them out. The staff there actually knew exactly what piggy I was talking about, and gave me his back story. Porkchop was dumped at the store by his owner, so they called the rescue who brought him in. Poor little guy.

Well, just wanted to share, hopefully I hear back from them!
Good luck, he's adorable!
He's really cute! Good luck and I hope you get him :)
He has such gorgeous colors!!!
He's beautiful and I just LOVE his clors. GOOD LUCK!!!!! Hope you get him!!! lol
Thank you! I need to go snuggle my piggies for some good luck too!
I hope you get him! Your an awesome piggy owner! :)
Aw, so cute!! Good luck! :)
No problem! I know how you feel! There is a piggy at animal control in a nearby city and its a kill shelter. Im hoping my parents may let me save her!
Thank you as well, Angela!

Maggie, I really hope you get to her! No piggy should be left behind. Good luck, just as you said to me, you would be a wonderful forever home!

UPDATE: The rescue e-mailed me back - I was approved! I go to meet Porkchop on Saturday! :D
Yay! Congrats! You will make an excellent piggy mom to your new baby!❤️
Thank you very much! I feel like it was meant to be, as I saw him on Petfinder some time ago, and just couldn't stop coming back to him. In the morning it's expanding C&C cage time! I don't think there's any way to put into words what piggies do to their slaves! :love:
Yay for the new addition!! and Thank you so much! I hope I can.
Thank you to absolutely everyone for your thanks and well-wishes that this worked out (and man was that rescue FAST! I just filled out the application today!), as well as this site for giving me the knowledge and ability to care for my piggies, and to any others who post after I go to bed. It is endlessly appreciated, and not forgotten.
Congrats!! This is so exciting! Please post many pictures once you get him!
Congrats! Can't wait to hear how things go.
Congrats!! I'm glad you were approved! He is adorable and I love his name :)
I am still so excited about tomorrow. I can't wait to go and meet Porkchop. Sticking with our M*A*S*H theme of names (Hawkeye, Radar), I think this guy deserves something very distinguished. My husband and I are considering calling him Col. Potter Porkchop (though my husband made a silly remark about calling him Colonel P.P. - like 'peepee' :rolleyes:, silly man). We are also shifting to a more permanent home tomorrow, though it is only a couple houses down from our current, yet temporary, residence. :D This means piggies will have a *whole room* to themselves for anything and everything! Not to mention neutral area introductions will be easier -knock on wood- in a brand new place.

Homes for all the piggies! :p
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