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Coroplast I almost got it!


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Oct 29, 2011
So I was given 11 grids by a friend, to construct a C&C cage. I only need to get the coroplast now, which hopefully I can get Monday :) However, my parents aren't okay with the sides being taped up. "I don't think taping your cage together is a good idea." Is there another type of adhesive?
Taping works really good. Why are they against it?
Duck tape or packing tape are going to be really strong and will certainly keep the coroplast together. Double or triple layer your tape for maximum strength.

Good luck! :)
I use the kind tape that looks like tinfoil. I don't know what it's called. It works really good, too.
The think that it isn't strong enough, won't hold together, etc. I need to find another adhesive or they will be doomed to a store bought cage forever :(
Ask them to read the Home page of this website on how to construct a C&C cage. As long as you put the tape on the outside of the coroplast box so the pigs can get to it, it's fine. And clear packing tape is nearly invisible.
They don't care how it looks they just want another type of adhesive. Would something like super glue work if I very lightly scored the sides of the coroplast?
The coroplast base will be sitting inside the grids. If you want stronger cage, use cable ties to secure the grids together so the connectors won't pop off.
would I be able to poke a small hole in each corner and zip tie it?
You just need to zip tie the grids together. Are you putting the cage on the floor? If you plan to put it on a table, you would need to use grids on the base, under the coro. Or you could get more grids and build a stand.
But to satisfy my parents, will it hurt to zip tie the ends?
I plan to use gorilla glue and a zip tie for my next cage design. Just dont let the glue be at all reachable by the piggies.
You can poke holes and zip tie the coro. Just not too low where the bedding is or the soiled bedding can get trapped in the holes.
No, hot glue won't melt the Coroplast. The quick-set does exactly as its name implies.....it dries far too quickly to have time to melt anything.....except one's fingers. I always wear nitrile gloves when I work with it..
Oh, OK. I've had a few things melt when I've used it. I guess it does dry too quickly to severely melt anything.
LOL that makes me smile :)
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