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Injury Hurt leg


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Jan 3, 2012
Tonight as I walked by my little boys room Toby began squeeling at me. I knelt down and asked him "Whats all this fuss about?" He then limped to his snuggie and his older brother Percy took gaurd in front of him. I seperated them, which wasn't easy since Percy was being Mr. Protector. I removed the upstairs loft and ramp and I removed the boys bunkie bed. I am not sure how the injury had occured. I did that to be on the safe side and to prevent another injury. I placed grids down the middle of their room.( 4x4 grid)

There is not a Vet nearby us that tends to them, nor is there one open on a sunday. Poor little guy will have to wait until Monday and I hope they will be open as it is MLK observance day.

I did place their cozies side by side so they can appear to be together. They are not happy and are trying to cuddle through the grid seperating them. I feel bad. They had bonded so quickly and well. They do not fight at all. Percy is a few months older than Toby and has taken on a big brother type attitude with him. Percy even will drag a piece of lettuce to Toby then go and get his and drag it over to eat together. It is really so sweet. So to see them seperated is hard.

Does anyone think it would be better to keep the two boys together?
Are there any suggestions to care and ease the pain until we are able to see the vet?

I do not like the idea of having to wait. :(
Poor little thing. How bad off is it? I mean do you think that Percy would hurt him if they were together? It sounds like it might be better to keep them together. Especially if Percy already looks after him. He would probably help him with whatever he needs.
I was thinking that as well. I did read in some other post that they may attack the weak one. So I am not sure. There is no blood, i'm not experienced enough to know if it's swollen, but to me it doesn't look it. When i was holding him to get a closer look, i did see him moving his little toes. Poor guy. :( He is resting in his snuggie with his nose poking in the grid beside his big brother.
Aww, poor baby. Any updates, and have you had a chance to take him to the vet? I feel your pain on the vet situation, the nearest pig-savvy vet is almost three hours away but luckily I haven't had any need for a vet. I'm praying that I won't with the care they get. I hope Toby's leg gets better soon. By the way, that is a cute name.
I'd put them back together and just watch closely. As long as Percy isn't harassing him, it should be ok. Just be aware that sometimes a pig, particularly a boar, will sense that another pig is injured or not feeling well, and will escalate the dominance wars.

If Toby isn't moving much, then you occasionally gently move him and his hidey, if he's in one. You don't want him lying in his pee and poop.

If, however, he starts trying to move too much, or Percy is bothering him, then it's back to solo living.

What city are you closest to? Someone here might be able to help you find a vet.
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