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Bonding Huge breakthrough


Cavy Slave
Jan 18, 2012
Gallifrey has, within a short amount of time, become a whole different pig.

I've been handling her, and providing daily floor time. Just a week ago, she would be terrified of me and only be ok unless she was hiding in a towel in my lap. Petting would cause scared noises and freezing. Me being remotely near the cage meant diving away into a house or her chewb.

Then, a few days ago, seeming out of nowhere... It all changed. I was cleaning our pigs cage and had my mom hold her while my sister had Spooky in a different part of the room. I left them alone and when I walked by them and asked my mom a question, she flipped around to where she heard me and started wheeking. I was shocked, I didn't know why she'd be doing that since we didn't have any food around.
Next morning, I was giving her new hay and she ran out and started wheeking, making tons of noise, and popcorning around despite my hands in the cage and talking to her. She'd even run up to my hands and smell them, or let me pet her for a little bit.
Since then she's been incredibly social with me. She doesn't like the initial catching to be picked up but once I have her she becomes very talkative and active, and I can hold her in different positions without her freaking out too much. Last night she tucked herself in the collar of my shirt with her head poking out and cuddled by my cheek and neck.

I'm amazed, I had thought that she'd have a hard time adjusting to people as every time before this she'd be absolutely petrified to be around us, even if we were quiet and still. I didn't think I could really bond with Frey, since I've never had guinea pigs and am unfamiliar with their behavior. But as of right now, I can't imagine not hearing her talk away when she plays or cuddles with me. She's defiantly won me over, and made me a proud cavy mom.
That's wonderful! It takes most of them awhile to warm up, but once they do it's pretty awesome.
That's great..... she must really trust you now.....
Awww I'm so happy for you and frey!! The same thing happend with my piggie Marie. My guinea pig lizzie was easy to tame but not marie but ive heard that silkie guinea pigs ( Lizzie ) are more trusting and satins ( marie ) are a bit more skittish so it made sense to me. I was amazed I was laying on my bed one evening texting my friends and she was sitting on my shoulder and all of the sudden she just layed down with her head resting near mine. On the same night she also came over and licked my cheek like a little puppy!
That's great! Now you just need to adopt her a companion so she'll be really happy.
i just got my baby today havent even named him yet but hes soi frightened hes a youngster and i think he misses his mom. i hope one day we have that bond breakthrough
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