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Adopting How young is too young to take a baby away from mom?


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May 7, 2012
A friend of mine has a friend with a accidental pregnancy. She called me and asked if (pig is due any time) I would take a baby or two when she has them as she didn't want more then her two. I said yes I would but my question is....
How old do they have to be to leave mommy? If they NEED to stay with her for a certain time, how long would that be? Is their anything special that I need to do for them other then alfalfa hay/pellets and babyproofing?

I am making them their own little cage baby proofed of course till I can add on to my big cage to accommodate their addition. Don't wanna take them too soon if its not good for them but also dont want the lady to freak out with all the extra pigs she may end up having and do something dumb with them....
Three weeks is what I've been told. Later than that, any male babies can end up knocking up the mama pig again. Not sure if being separated earlier than that causes problems, though. I defer to more knowledgeable members on that.

Just make sure the cage is baby-proofed, and feed them extra calcium for a few months. It doesn't even have to be alfalfa; many vegetables are naturally high in calcium.
Ditto the three weeks. If they're left with mama much longer than that, she'll wean them anyway.
What is too soon? Can I take them before the 3 week mark?
Im no expert but I have done my reading and research and from what I have been reading they should be with there mom till about three weeks but since they are born fully developed and can start eating right away they most likely can leave within a few days...I would just make sure they stay with mom for at least 3 or more days and make sure that they are eating... Call a piggy vet to make sure as well as look online like google its very helpful!!! But of course they are best to be with mom till its time to split them up...:)
You can take baby away from mom when the baby is two months.

Edited by bpatters: The babies can be taken at three weeks, not two months.
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Too young is 2 months and below.❤️
A male baby should not stay with it's mom for two months. 3 weeks is the maximum time because he WILL impregnate the mother.
Since Guinea Pigs are born ready to go, I would second what others have said about at least 3 days, if they look healthy and are eating fine on their own, they should be fine to go.

Edited by bpatters: Three days is too soon. While babies can survive without their moms at that age, they're usually still nursing, and are getting valuable antibodies from the mother's milk. They should not be removed at three days unless there's a good reason, such as illness of the mother, injury to the baby that requires isolation, etc.
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