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Fleece How will I know fleece is wicking?


Cavy Slave
May 27, 2012
So I've washed and dried the fleece 4 times using hot water each time. How do I know if it's properly wicking? When I place drops of water on it it soaks in quickly, but the fleece still stays wet. I'm still waiting for my uhaul pads to arrive before I can make liners. From what I've read the urine will wick through the fleece and into the uhaul pad? Is that correct?

Sounds like your good to go :) you can use towels until you get your uhaul pads.. As long as the water doesn't bead up and stay your fleece is ready.. :)
As long as it doesn't bead up on the surface, I think you're fine. It still takes a few to dry.

Some more tips:

- Using a couple cups of vinegar in the rinse cycle ( I use a full 32 oz bottle, but I'm OCD)
- Make sure the washer isn't over it's capacity level. Your washer will recommend a certain amount of space left at the top. An over-stuffed washer will prevent the items inside from being cleaned out all the way. Water needs room to flow through and rinse everything away
- If you use fabric softener sheets on your clothes, that can potentially lead to residue build-up in your dryer that ends up on the fleece. Obviously don't use fabric softener on the fleece itself. :p

My favorite detergent of all time is Arm and Hammer liquid detergent for sensitive skin. No dyes, perfumes, rinses out well.
Okay, That's what I thought.
I use the Arm and Hammer detergent for sensitive skin also. One of my sons has eczema so I'm always trying to avoid dyes.

What does the vinegar do? Does it just help to clean the fleece better?
Vinegar does help dissolve any calcium from their urine, makes sure all the detergent comes out, and helps with the general stripping process itself.
Is there anything other than vinegar that works like that?
I don't use vinegar.. I'm know many people do.. I use HOT water and mild detergent..
Vinegar also helps to neutralise odour.

I usually use vinegar, but a couple of times I've run out and washed without it. I notice a small difference.

Is there a particular reason why you want an alternative to vinegar?
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