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General How to tell if a piggy is pregnant?


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Jan 19, 2012
Now please note I do not breed them. The two adopted ones, I have no clue if they had been housed with males... I did double check and make sure they are both females - and yes, they are :) I have noticed with Creature, she is nippy if I touch her belly or sides... However she is very thin, with a pouchy belly that hangs low. She squeals when I pick her up, and doesn't like being held... Just to make sure it's just her personality or the fact she is underweight and it may be hurting her...

How do you tell if a piggy is pregnant? Her buddy Panda lays around a lot, but she is a lot calmer, and does not freak out when her belly/sides are touched, but does make the purring sound when her belly is touched :3

They both down their veggies like there is no tomorrow, and finally some pellets are being eaten. veggies include: lettuce (NOT iceberg! :) ), cilantro, green peppers, baby carrots, and the weekly slice of macintosh apple. And the water I have to refill 3-4 times a day!!! They drink like they were deprived of water!!

They will go to the vet for a check up here soon anyways, but I'd like to know anyways so I can remember to ask him to check if they are pregnant. I really don't want them to be... But I'll accept it if they are :)

Also, if they happen to be pregnanr...... they are very underweight and I hear they need more calcium. What's the best bet for calcium?
Have you treated them for mites? The nippiness sounds way more like mites than pregnancy.

The only way to tell for sure if she's pregnant early in the pregnancy is an ultrasound, but there's usually no reason to do that. Besides, they're expensive, and what would you do differently if you knew she was pregnant. By the time you can tell by other means, you've still got enough time to baby-proof the cage and get ready for the birth.

You should be weighing both of them at least weekly, and the possibly-pregnant one daily. Weigh them at the same time of day, preferably before breakfast. Record their weights so you can tell how much they're gaining.

Two to three weeks before birth, you can see and feel the babies kicking along her flanks, and closer to time of delivery, you can hear their teeth chattering. She'll likely lay with her legs splayed out behind here when she gets close to delivery. She also won't move much, so you'll have to gently make sure she's got clean bedding under her -- you can change it when she gets up to eat.

Parsley is a good source of calcium. If they're under six months, or if she is pregnant, you can give alfalfa pellets.
They don't have mites :) Here, mites don't live very well lol - unless it is in summer, outside near damp areas. Which is nice being in Alberta... I did clean the cage today, and lo and behold beneath the garbage bag holding the silly paper shavings, is the awful truth... it was caked with waste, and scraps of newspaper. they did NOT clean that cage often! if ever... I will try finding a scale today, before work :)

By nippy I mean she goes after my hands x.x She hates being touched on her belly/sides.. I just want to know as a precaution =D Neither have hair loss, or bite/scratch themselves constantly, they both drink and eat like there is no tomorrow... (might be because of their bones sticking out D:< ) I'll bring them to the vet anyways, they need a good check up :) I'll get what's

If she does end up pregnant, I will ask for tips, and I'll look for a second/third cage so I can remove the other guinea, and separate genders after a certain age (3-4 weeks right?)

I just want to be 110% sure, so I can make sure it goes well, and she gets her needed check ups :)
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Sorry, Senamian, mites do live in Canada, and they live on Canadian guinea pigs. And they're as likely to be found inside as outside. Your pig's behavior is strongly suggestive of mites. I'm glad you're taking them to a vet, but don't let the vet do a skin scraping to diagnose mites. It's inconclusive, painful to the pig, and they may well have mites in spite of negative findings. I'd just treat them with ivermectin and be done with it.

Also, if they're both females, there's no need to separate the other pig. Guinea pigs make good aunties, and the boars usually make good nannies. If she is pregnant, you'd watch carefully after the pups are born, and could remove aunty then if there should be problems.

It could be that your possibly pregnant pig just has ovarian cysts, which is the cause of both her nipping and her size. Is she exhibiting any other hormonal behavior -- mounting, rumblestrutting, etc.?
And okay, I'm only used to mites being on farmland, hay/field mites or something or other :)

She's attacked Honey... She only minds her bonding buddy, but introducing her to Honey was bad...first didn't go too bad... afterwards she keeps Honey well away from her and Panda. She hasn't mounted, but like I said she dislikes Honey being anywhere near her...

She is very active though, doesn't squeal in pain from moving/running, there's no limping, panting..her bowel movements are normal, and no problems peeing. She has not lost any hair, her skin was a little dry but has basically cleared up since I got her. She doesn't have an "off" smell, nor feels oily.

I'm pretty sure I now have to refill her water again for the second time x.x
She does fit sme of the descriptions of ovarian cysts :(
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From the description of that cage, it sounds like a vet visit might be in order. And given that it might be a hormonal problem, I'd make doubly sure this is an exotic vet that knows something about cavies, if there's any way to do that. Somehow I doubt that Alberta is running over with exotic vets...
I have a pig who squeals everytime I pick her up, it's just her personality. However a vet visit sounds good as it seems there are several other factors with your pig. Hopefully it's nothing serious, but best to be sure of course, good luck.
When i got Riley she was prago but i didn't know for sour until i picked her up one day and felt kicking. I suspected it because she was pair shaped and her stomic was hard compared to my other piggie Nibbler. I'd ask the vet when you take them in tho because other than the signs above you really cant tell. As far as her being touche when you touch her back side, my piggies do the same thing. Riley freaks out and popcorn's and runs away. Nibbler on the other hand just sits there and popcorn's.

Also could your water bottle be leaking? i had the same problem with my water bottle XD
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nope lol she sits there most drinking it alot :) My coworkers were appalled how bad of condition they were in!! And the vet I chose, is awesome with cavys :) people recommended him over and over! so to him I go =D
Weighed tonight:
Honey (2 mos) 1 pound.
Creature: 1.4 pounds.
Panda: 1.9 pounds.
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