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Coroplast How to tape/connect coroplast together? Thanks


Cavy Slave
Aug 20, 2013
Hi everyone. I would like to build a C&C cage for my two guinea pigs, and I've found connectors and grids, and all I have left is coroplast. However, in my country, there are only tiny pieces of coroplast and it is way to small to build the cage. Some people recommend taping 2 pieces of coroplast together but I don't know how. So if someone can tells how to connect, or tape coroplast together which is strong and won't allow guinea pigs pee to seep in, I'll greatly appreciate it.
Re: How to tap/connect coroplast together? Thanks

If the pieces are very small I would probable use 2" thick clear shipping tape and tape it all together to make it into a tray and then use a nice thick plastic shower curtain inside. If its just two pieces you need to join I would put the two pieces together and then wrap them a few times around with the tape. If the piggies try to chew the tape I would use larger fleece covers that cover the whole tray to hide the tape and used binder clips to hold it on.
Thanks, anyone else can help? I'm using normal bedding btw, not fleece.
Yeah, I would do the same thing - maybe for extra security have the 2" clear tape across the top and some duct tape on the bottom (where you can't see it as it may be a different colour to your coroplast)!
If you use a color besides black coroplast, I'd use heavy duty packing tape, otherwise duct tape or gorrilla tape works great. I do not use fleece either, I use wood pellets and care fresh and I put the (from walmart) adult bed protectors on the bottom, a package costs $5.00 and they are bigger than the puppy pads. Many times they are not wet so I may just stop using them. I still spray down the coroplast when I do the full change every two-three weeks.
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