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Ratties How to potty-train barely one year old rats?


New Member
Cavy Gazer
Dec 9, 2017
I have two adult male rats. They just turned a year old in October this year. I have been trying to potty-train them. I have two potties on the second and first leaval of their ferret nation cage. I put their poppies, that I can find (fresh or old) in the potties to attract them to the potties themselves, but it seems not to work. They instead poo on the blankets they sleep on and their cage floor tray. My one boy rat, swiss, is ailing from an upper respiratory infection, and wish to make him more comfortable. Do you have any ideas what I could do to make them use the potties?

While you may get advice on here, this is not a forum for rats. You may have better luck checking out a forum designed for rat owners.
Luckily for you I have had rats and successfully potty trained them both. What you are doing is correct keep putting the poo in the litter box(do it while they are watching) also rats love peeing on rocks if you put rocks in the litter trays it will entice them to use it. Also there maybe some kind of scent of the blankets wash them with a nonscented detergent to get rid of the smells and put the blanket in a hammock.
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