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Rabbits How to make him a cuddly bunny?


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Aug 15, 2013
Bud is only 5 or so weeks old. He is ok with being picked up and held. But only in certain positions. He won't sit with me. He's very squirmy lol. But i can love on him and give him kisses. He hasnt bit anyone, yet. My kids want to lay with him and gold him, and Bud isn't having it lol. I have to make a corral in the floor so they can sit in there with him. I haven't bunny proofed yet to let him run free. And I'm waiting until i can get him litter trained. So far he's only pooped out of that cage. No pees yet thank goodness. I can't wait to get his harness and Leash so i can take him outside.

Is there anything i can do to make him feel more comfortable being held? And sitting with us?
Rabbits don't generally like to be held. Some will sit with you and let you pet them, others are more on the move. While he'll likely get more comfortable with you and your children in time, it's important that he trust you, and for him to trust you, you need to learn to respect his boundaries and signals. If he doesn't want to be held, let him be.

I'm slightly concerned that he's only 5 weeks - rabbits really shouldn't be separated from their moms until 8ish weeks for the best chance at a healthy start in life. Are you planning to have him neutered and/or get him a friend?
Yes, I'm going to get him neutered. The vet said he had to be 4 months old to be neutered. I respect his boundaries. When he wants down i let him down or back in his cage. We don't force him to sit with us or to be held. I bought him from a girl who knew nothing about rabbits. And i too don't know much. She just said he around 5 weeks. Not exactly sure on the age. The vet wants to see him back in two weekd for a check up to make sure he's healthy.
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