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How to make a dog cage with grids

Beth Pearson

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Cavy Slave
May 15, 2013
A friend of mine found a <12 week old puppy outside alone, he'd been wandering for three days before she decided to take him in. She couldn't keep him so we took him in. Anyway, figure since cash is tight right now from taking him to the vet that I'd make him a cage from grids. Top, bottom and sides. Thinking 2x3 will be big enough (two grids high) but not sure how to make it. Do I need connectors AND zip ties to make it sturdier. Pictures would be fantastic if you've done this.Thanks!
In the photo section is rabbit cages that would work for a puppy cage. I would use both connectors and zip ties. 2x3 would work(2 grids high), I would do it like the pig cage but have the one end swing open. If its too big they will potty in one end which doesn't help with house breaking.
Also I know my pigs when they are in their temp pen( no bottom) when I redo their cage can lift up the sides, so make sure it has a bottom. That is more important then a top at 12 weeks old. What kind of puppy?
I actually figured it out on my own earlier! Lol I didn't make a bottom with grids but I did use a 2x3 sheet of coro. I put a cover down on top of it but if he potties in it then it'll be easily cleaned. I left one end as the door. I did wind up using both connectors and zip ties, just seemed safer with a pup. We have three other dogs, with our youngest being a 7 month old GSD, so luckily we're still in puppy mode!! Lol Let me see if I can upload a picture of the cage.. [GuineaPigCages.com] How to make a dog cage with grids
Very good job!
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