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How to Make a Cuddle Cup (requires sewing)


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Dec 5, 2004
This thread comes to you courtesy of Furkidsmommy. She provided the instructions. Also thanks to jdomans for helping get me the info for you all.

You will need to cut three circles 11” diameter, one in your inner fabric choice, one in your outer fabric choice and one circle of batting. Then you will need to cut 3 strips 30.5" long and 5" wide, one in your inner fabric choice, one in your outer fabric choice and one of batting.
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In this step you will tack the batting to the outer fabric as shown.
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Next sew the short ends of the strip together with right sides of fabric facing as shown below.
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Do the same for the fleece lining.
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With the right sides together, sew each strip section to the circle section as shown below.
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Next you will put one inside the other with right sides of fabric together.
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Sew the two together around the upper edge leaving an opening to turn inside out.
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Once you have them sewn together, turn the cup right side out and sew opening closed.
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Now you have just completed your very own cuddle cup. Enjoy!

Thanks so much for your tutorial furkidsmommy!
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Wow! Great instructions!
I think I'll make one with black fleece (to hold in warmth) and plaid outer fabric.
I am desperate for new cuddle cups but I don't have a sewing machine! :( Is it possible to hand sew these or will they fall apart?
If you are a good hand sewer, they shouldn't fall apart.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!
This is really hard to understand at the part where you have to turn it inside out...
A local ferret rescue sells cuddle cups similar to these, and I noticed that they tie the sides, like you would tie a quilt, to keep the batting from shifting when it's washed. I thought that seemed like a pretty good idea, and easy to do!
Thanks to everyone involved on posting explicit instructions (pictures and all) it doesn't get any better than that!!!
Nevermind, I completely understand it now. I am going out for fabric this weekend, and I'm going to makea new cuddle cup. Great instructions!
Let me know if anyone needs clarification. I tried to make it short and to the point.
What sort of material did you use for the outside? Or doesn't it matter?
If you are placing it on bedding like aspen or carefresh, I would use a cotton material. That stuff sticks to flannel and fleece. I would use the flannel or fleece on the inside in that case.
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