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How to make a cage liner.


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Aug 15, 2011
Hey All!

As promised in my first thread, Here are pics and how I put together my liner.

It might get a little long winded but I am trying to help out those that do not know how to sew or are new to it. ( youtube has great pointers and how to's guys I went there to get a better Idea for the piping I am using on a house im making)

I Used Flannel for the top layer and on this liner 2 layers of fleece. The fleece I had was too thin for just 1 layer. (I have 1 piggy per cage right now so I don't need the absorbency) You can add as many layers of fleece as you want or Uhual blankets.... so Many Options.

I prewashed the flannel and fleece so I didn't have to worry about shrinkage. Flannel Shrinks up to 10 %. I then ironed it all and folded it (lengthwise) in half. Good Sides together.

First I measured out the coroplast bottom. Mine measures 27 w x 41.5 L

I drew out what I wanted on grid Paper. Like This. (I added half an inch to each piece for seam allowance)

Now Make sure! You are able to concentrate on what you are doing. I was so busy thinking ahead and what I was going to put into this thread, I had to Recut some pieces a couple of times! Always measure several times and Cut ONCE! once you cut it is really hard to add pieces back.

Fleece is a pain to cut and Sew. It is stretchy! be careful not to stretch it when you are cutting.

Cut out pieces.

I did a zigzag stitch over the edges of the flannel as it tends to fray this made it easier to work with and stop it from fraying.
Now I sewed the border to the printed piece. Always good sides together.
I sewed top and bottom First then attached the sides. The end pieces are 3.5 x 20.5 they will be the same width as the printed piece. which measured. 20.5 x 42. The side pieces of the Border are 4 x 42.

now that's done I can move on to the sidewall pieces. My Sidewalls are 4 inches high.

So, I cut 2- 8.5x 27.5 and 2- 8.5 x 42.
I attached my Biased Tape to the bottom Edge of the pieces.
once you have sewed the biased tape to the edges you can then sew each sidewall piece together. good sides together. so what you end up with is a big loop of fabric.

I Ironed all of the seams Open I found it was much neater and easier to work with especially at the corners when attaching the sidewalls to the bottom piece.

Now for the tricky part. attaching the sidewalls to the bottom piece. it will take some fiddling and some patience. I clipped the corners of the seams and it made it much easier to line up and to better see what you are doing. (good sides together)

Now what you do is put those 2 pieces corner to corner and pin it. Then you can take you edges and line them up, any wrinkles and extra fabric push towards the inside.
This is what it will look like on the bottom.

Now instead of turning the fabric while sewing at the corners. I sewed straight across at each corner it is just easier and gives you a better corner.
I forgot to get pics of the fleece because I was so fed up with trying to deal with it. It was a big piece I bought as remenants and it was very thin and very stretchy. so what I did was cut out 2 pieces. then sewed each piece together around the edges then I sewed down the center to keep it together better.

I highly recommend you use a thicker fleece! it will make your life easier.

Attaching the fleece to the top layer took a bit of time because first I layed out the Flannel piece out on a table and folded in the corners of the sidewalls so it wouldn't get caught in the seams. Pinning it is a good Idea.

lay your fleece flat on the table and put the flannel piece ontop Good side down! and pin it all together.
When you sew it together make sure you leave an opening at the bottom so you can turn it right side out.

Once you are done, trim your seams if they need it and clip your corners so when you turn it right side out it will be much easier. I did a zig zag stitch over the edge of the seam before I turned it out. It makes the edges lay flatter.
turn it roight side out. if you can remove any pins holding down the sidewall corners. Before turning it out, otherwise you will be the new pin cushion.

Sew your opening closed and Viola! you have a cage liner.

here are a few pics of the finished product.

Note* piggy cages are still under construction, they are a little bare.

The Cuddle Cups are made by Canadian Comforts. (Love them and so do the pigs!)
Must post a pic of the Piggy Bum! Love his little hanks of long hairs! he has some that stick out around his ears too.
I sewed top and bottom First then attached the sides. The end pieces are 3.5 x 20.5 they will be the same width as the printed piece. which measured. 20.5 x 42. The side pieces of the Border are 4 x 42.

now that's done I can move on to the sidewall pieces. My Sidewalls are 4 inches high.

The measurement for the Printed piece was 20.5 x 36.5
I did mine a little different, but yours looks great.
Thank you. :)
What did you do different? Always looking for a way to do things better or using Tips you may have :)
I use a continuous strip for the sides and then stitched it to the base piece. I like your way better, I am going to try it that way next time. It seems cleaner on the edges. I am also going to order some Zorb and stitch it on to the base and see how it washes.
Thank you so much for these directions ! :) It's VERY helpful to someone like me, who is not an avid competent seamstress ! I do have a sewing machine now but no where to sew now, since we moved. I will just have to use the dining room table and do the best I can ! Again, thank you so much for this !
Your Very Welcome! Those pics are taken at my kitchen Table. I don't have anywhere to sew either. :) Cutting out can be a pain. if you have a table leaf or 2 for your table put them in and it will help.
If you have any questions feel free to ask! Ill help as much as I can.
as for being competent or a seamstress...I swear I wing it! lol.
iI just takes some practice. it gets easier over time and don't be afraid to try something new. That's what scrap pieces are for. :)
I'm terrible with measuring. I really take my time with that. and with the one I made above...It was my second one I made and I think it was at least 4 times I had to take something apart re-measure and cut a couple of new pieces.
I myself sew a lot of items, I enjoy having my pig so now I get to sew stuff for him. magikof7 is right save your scraps. You can always find something to use them for. You can use to them to stuff pillows or if they are big enough use them to make beds or hammocks for your piggy. The key to sewing is just having fun doing it. Also I do not have a set area to sew either I use the floor to cut on and a folding card table for my sewing machine.
I am saving my scraps I might make a patchwork liner sometime. will take awhile but might be a fun project.
Wow, you've inspired me to try my hand at making my own liner! This will be my winter project I think. I haven't sewed since high school,so I'm sure I will be using all your tips. Thank you so much for this!
OMG you are a life saver! I've been up all night trying to find a great how to on cage liners. my two piggies are stuck in a store-bought cage while I get the coroplast for my C&C cage and I have come to the conclusion that aspen bedding although great, sucks when you have asthma. I know where I'm heading today! To Joann's!
Thank you for the comments!

My Hubby just bought me a new beautiful machine that does embroidery. I haven't tried the embroidery yet but wow it sews beutifully. I made this fleece liner on it. I used a Decorative Snowflake Stitch on the biased tape.
So cute. I can't wait to find some piggy embroidery designs to play with.

So this Liner I made out of Fleece, There is another thick layer of fleece sewn to the bottom. I honestly do not liking working with fleece! The flannel and fleece liners are much easier to deal with.(My opinion only you use what works for you and your babies!) you can see in the pic I just made the whole bottom with the patterned fleece so all you do is cut the size of the bottom of your cage. it does go faster than adding a border. Then cut your sidewall pieces.
I recommend NOT adding the half inch extra for a seam. I find it isn't fitting as tight as the Flannel and fleece liners I made. Again Fleece is so stretchy it ends up being a little bigger than what you originally cut.
I LOVE your snoopy fleece ! lol All growing up, I was addicted to anything "Peanuts" and my parents got me 2 really big books on the Peanuts gang and I read them so often that the pages became very worn out ! I also use to endlessly draw them. My Mom told me that when I was two I could draw pictures of Snoopy really well. Later on I drew loads of pictures of all the main characters.

I also love their cozy cave that you made!
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