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Dominance How to keep the peace?


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May 12, 2012
Lately, Puff and Asha have been having problems with each other. Asha, the dominant one, wants to barber Puff, and Puff does not like it one bit. The actions are probably not that bad, mostly just chasing, chattering, rumble strutting, nose-offs and 180 degree jumps.
The thing is, they were acting like perfect angels 4 days ago. (Puff and Asha are girls, by the way. They have been living together for 2 months.) they live in a 2x3 with a 1x2 loft. My parents don't want me to enlarge the cage, mostly because my dad does not think it is nessecary to have a big cage for them.
Any ideas to keep things more peaceful? Would a buddy bath help?
Ok, thanks.
They could be in heat, this in the 1 1/2 day things have been happening.
I put 3 new, big hay piles in the cage, and they are currently distracted from each other.
Just a quick update: I am positive Asha was going through heat. I know she has been through heat before, but she was much less aggressive than when it happened yesterday.

Asha and Puff are acting like angels now. Cute little angels. :)
You don't need a buddy bath if they've already been living together. Sounds to me like heat issues. You can help by making sure all the hideys have two openings so nobody gets trapped, and that there's not so much stuff in the cage that they don't have room to run around.
I have two sisters and got them when they were 5 weeks old. They were a year in March. There are times when they don't get along, but for the most part they tolerate each other. I have noticed that their heat cycles are not as obvious as they were when they were younger. I don't know how old your girls are but my girls are getting along better now they are more mature.

I have added two of everything to their cage and they also love piles of hay. Do your girls have two hidey houses? Zoe had kicked Abbey out of their house two days after I got them, so I added another house. Even now Zoe waits until Abbey gets all comfy in one of the houses and then runs across the cage and chases her out. Abbey goes to the other house and Zoe will chase her from that one. Usually Abbey gives up and lays down in the middle of coroplast tray filled with hay.

I know Abbey would love to be able to be closer with her sister and whenever I have Zoe occupied by brushing her, Abbey will take the opportunity to groom her. The other day I was kneeling in their play area and had Zoe on my lap. Abbey climbed up and cuddled in between her sister and me and made these cooing sounds. At first I thought she wanted to be close to me but I think she wanted to be able to cuddle with her sister without being bullied or chased. If your girls are young, you may notice things improve as they mature.
lol one could be in heat XD my piggies have this issue when every my pigs nib's is in heat XD shes becomes a big puff ball of furry
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