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How to keep my piggies from kicking food out of their bowls or feeders


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Sep 28, 2004
I have 2 feeders that are for cats that I use for my piggies. All of my girls likes to dig the food out and its all over the place. They pee on their food too. The feeder that they have sits on the floor. Should I get a feeder that mounts on the wall. Will it keep them from kicking it out of the feeder. I am wasting so much food because of this. today I wasted about 1 to 2 lbs of food. I have 16 girls in a cage and having a feeder helps instead of having a lot of bowls all through the cage. Advice would be helpfull.

I tried the feeders you have and I had the same problem. I am going to get a few of those feeders that hang off the cage. For now I just use ceramic food bowls and a metal one that hangs off the cage. I would use hanging ones if you are wasting a lot of food all the time.
I have two small plastic feeders that hang off the cage for my 3 girls and they work pretty well. I make sure to put the feeders directly side by side though, since before they were spaced apart and they would find a way to dislodge them and drag them on the floor. Having them side by side has kept that from happening though.
Do you have enough space in the cage to make a second floor? You could place the feeders up there (secure them so they don't get kicked off). If you put a towel up there, the pigs can mess with their food as much as they want but at least it stays clean, and you can replace a soaked towel much easier than the bedding. I have seen this on many pictures here in the galleries and I think it looks very useful. Plus you gain some extra space.

I just checked your gallery and saw that you do indeed have a lot of space! :) So I got another idea. If you make a separate area in the center of the cage, with little walls to keep the bedding away, and place the feeder and the towel there, your pigs can hop or climb in and happily mess with their food but it still stays clean.
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Use feeder that the GP can't sit inside it.
I would say get some hanging feeders and attach them securely to the sides of the cage. My girls have a teddy bear dish upstairs and a smaller crock on the main level but I have to tie a piece of wire around the bear dish to keep them from tipping it over.
I just have ceramic bowls that I get at Target and dollar stores for $1 each. They work really well as I am sure the pellets are fresh(I fill it everyday) and they can't sit inside it. Occasionally, they do fling poo and bedding in it and I have to dish it out.... Ick.
ok Well I gave my bunnies the feeder that my piggers had. The ones that are on the floor. I gave my piggers 2 ceramic bowls that my bunnies had along with 3 plastic ones. 2 of them just hang abit of the wall and the rest is on the floor. But I have 16 girls in one cage and a drop feeder that mounts on a wall would do better though. Im gonna try and get 2 maybe 3 tomorrow depending on the weather.
me and my friend went cheap because we had a perfectly good bowl and we were sick of the pigster putting her rubbish in it. so i took the food bowl (it's got an overhanging lip, which is important) put some twist ties under the lip and tied the whole contraption at the corner of her cage tying the final product on one bar (that's also important so it doesn't fall down) then the pig could eat her food, get exercise and we could keep the bowl clean
I'm not really understanding what you mean, GuineasGalore? I'm confused.
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