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Bonding How to handle a Skinny Pig??


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Jan 19, 2012
I own a male skinny pig, named Oliver. Now, with any other guinea pig I have handled or owned (the furry type :3) once you are holding them they tend to either: want to explore therefore will squirm, or, sit still and you can pet them no problem.

Now, he doesn't squirm, but he "twitches" or "flinches" every time I touch him... as if he weren't used to being touched. He came from a family who had a young kid... and since he nibbles no one wanted to hold him, and only held his skinny pig buddy.... (hence why I have the cutie). I am not sure what to do... I make sure my hands are: 1. clean 2. warm 3. nails are never long/sharp/touching him.

How should I get him used to being touched? I don't do it too much because he ends up chattering at me :( I'd like to be able to bond with him!!
Where are you scratching/petting?
From what I understand (but I may be wrong), it's best to pet them on the nose and head where they have hair, and not the body...
Hmm ok. I do tend to pet his face more because he doesn't mind. I noticed he doesn't like his belly, neck or sides being touched... he'll tolerate his back being lightly brushed. Is their skin that sensitive?? I do plan on getting some lotion since his skin does look a little dry :)
Have you thought about having him in a sak or cave while on your lap and petting him through that in the beginning? I know nothing about the skinny pigs though...so I'm sure someone will have better advice.

I have a hairless dog client that likes to be "rubbed" through his t-shirt because petting kind of tickles him, maybe it's similar. When petting his skin, he likes more of a pat (I doubt the piggie would like that).
Interesting!!! I actually did make a "sack" for him, with a polar fleece lining. He loves to sleep in it, and I've picked him up that way, and held him that way.
Dont just put regular lotion on him .. skinny pigs are very delicate creatures i recomend you look up the vedios on your tube by skinnypigs1 here is her vedios OMG she has like tones and tones on info on skinny pigs i swear i watch and listen to her vedios all the time .. i just resently got my first skinny and yes they are very skidish but with all pets it takes time and patience and some say treats treats ..hehe .. anyways here is her link and hope it helps .. we need a skinn pig group so we can all share : )

skinnypigs1 - YouTube
I use Johnson's sensitive skin non-scented baby lotion, which was recommended by a skinny breeder :) Nice lady - I also learned to not even THINK of nuetering him because there is a higher chance he would die, then a furry guinea :eek: scary...

And thanks :) I love Oliver, and the only time he isn't flinching at my touch is lotioning time xD I found out, it was his dry skin that made him dislike being touched! He is getting better...
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