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How to get pig to use hay rack


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May 29, 2012
So I've almost finished Walter's cage, he still needs some fun accessories but my main concern is getting him to use the hay rack. Should I maybe put a carrot in the hay rack so he can find it? Maybe its to high off the ground, he almost would have to stand to use it. He has a ball that I stuff with hay that he loves (its made out of some apple branches or something). I don't know if he knows to look up. Or if he knows how to use it.

Sorry, I'm distracted with him running around and popcorning. What a goob. XD
You can just use hay piles instead of a rack, they also have a lot of fun with them. If your going to use that hay rack then you will also need to lower it, that can hurt his back a lot having to stand up every time he wants hay.
Okay, I do have a little kitchen area with some bedding in it, should I just move the hay pile there? He seems to run around in it more than he plays in it.
Whatever works well for you and your pig :)
Thanks, I'm just trying to do whats best for him :D
I vote for putting the hay in the kitchen area. If I was a guinea pig I wouldn't want to reach up constantly to get my hay. My girls get most of their entertainment during the day foraging, digging and flinging their hay. I have a 10" x 55" coroplast tray that runs along the back of their C & C cage. I totally cover it in hay and they spend most of their time there. I made 3 trays so I can have a clean one ready to go, which makes changing them quick. I change the tray out every evening and top it up with new hay in the morning. Most of their urine and stool is left in the tray so clean up is pretty easy.
Okay, I've seen so many people using it and thought I would give it a try. Its a no-go so far.
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