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Pigsitting How to find a Pigsitter?


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Cavy Slave
Mar 12, 2011
How do you go about finding a good pigsitter?
I need someone to watch my two pigs for a while in July but I don't know where to look. How did you find your pigsitter?
The one time I needed a pigsitter, I just used a family member, though friends also would work. I brought them over a day before to show them how to take care of the pigs, how much water they need, how much pellets, how to catch and hold them if they wanted to, how to cut the veggies, etc. I also bought a cheap little webcam from the five below store, and set it to watch their cage, then I just turned it on to record, then I had it broadcast live to my lap top where I was staying, so that I could watch and make sure they were doing everything right while I was gone, gave me a lot of peace of mind.
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