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Coroplast How to expand?

Jimmy Gibbs Jr.

Cavy Slave
Oct 22, 2011
So we recently acquired another guinea pig and she's quite a chubby one. We want to expand the cage a bit more to accommodate the extra piggy, but we're kinda stumped on how to add to the coroplast. We don't want to buy a whole new sheet, so what I wanted to ask is how did you do it? Are we supposed to tape it or layer it or something? Thanks!
I had a 2X4 and to make it a 2X5 I cute off one "2" side and taped down the other piece. The piece I used was the former loft so it fit perfectly. I used packaging tape all around it to make the seam water resistant. Hope this helps!
You can use clear packing tape or duct tape to tape it. Make sure piggies cannot access the tape. Some pigs will eat them, mine do.
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