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Vegetables how to cut vege or make a vege platter for my milo and mocca


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Mar 27, 2012
Hi everyone!(greeting from singapore)

I adopted a pair of gp last monday ( awesome so far). they are3 weeks old (based on the home breed uncle)
both are extremely lovely although whenever they see me they will hide at the litter box as that the darkest place .

have a few question
i did some research on list of vege they can consume
some queries on the vege i will be using frequently

1.parsley - is it the same as cilantro?
2. carrot - do i need to cut it into a stick shape?
3. cherry tomato - do i need to take off the seeds( big green seed)
4. green red yellow pepper. - all i need to do is remove all seeds and cut it into stick shape?
celery. cut into small stick shape or square shape?

please update me!
Greetings from America!

I left you a post on the other thread but here it is again.

1) Nope, parsley and cilantro are different. I wouldn't feed parsley daily because it is high in calcium. I give my piggies cilantro daily though!


This link will give you information on whats good and bad for your pigs. It's a very helpful table.

2) I personally just cut a baby carrot sized hunk off of a whole carrot and give it to my piggies. It won't matter how you cut it really as long as they like them!

3) I always take the seeds out when giving my piggies tomatoes. They probably wouldn't choke on them but I like to play it safe. The seeds come out relatively easy too.

4) That's basically what I do. I cut 1/8 of the pepper off and then slice it vertically into strips. Then I take and slice those strips horizontally. So, basically they end up in chunks. Again, the way you cut it won't matter as long as your piggies likes that particular veggie. If your piggies aren't eating there peppers yet, keep trying everyday. Mine didn't like peppers at all at first. Now they eat all kinds. There are tricks to get them acquainted with peppers such as; wrap the peppers up in a lettuce leaf, sprinkle it over pellets things like that. None of that worked for me though. Persistence is the best way, in my opinion.

5) When cutting celery you'll want to cut out the strings because they can be a potential risk to your piggy choking. Again same as #4, I cut celery into little squares personally!

Hope this helped :)
Hi Gus!
yeah i have that chart stick beside my c2c cage for my lil ones.
1. i see yeah i saw the chart , we can feed cilantro daily, i went to the wet market , and they only have parsley .probably ill go to some shopping mall market .cz cilantro and parsley look the same to me.

2. i provide them normal carrot instead of baby carrot. is it ok ? or i should switch to baby carrot?

3. yeah i read about tomato , when its normal tomato we need to remove all seeds. applies to cherry tomato aswell?

4. i haven try lettuce yet. perhaps i should . my current vege platter will be as stated above except celery. those food are 2-4 times a week, will get cilantro and lettuce as daily meal. . hopefully i am able to cut our the strings. im not good in culinary though

Thanks again!
cz cilantro and parsley look the same to me.
You can smell the difference. Parsley smells wet and green, Cilantro smells peppery.

I take the seeds out of tomatoes by cutting the cherry tomatoes in half, and squeezing the pieces-the seeds slide right out. I only take the seeds out because the girls get messy when eating the seeds-it dribbles down their chins. I take the seeds out of reg tomatoes as well.

Regular carrots are fine, just slice them thinly so the pigs don't have too much trouble eating them. I slice mine into very narrow sticks-1 mm wide, or so.

Lots of different lettuce is goos, be careful with roamine which is high in calcium and can cause stones, and don't feed iceberg (most common kind in stores here, and the cheapest) because it's all water and doesn't have enough nutrition.

Celery-I cut long thin strips, as narrow as I can get them, then I cut them the other way so the pieces are tiny. I don't really remove the strings from it because the way I cut it makes the strings so small, they won't choke.
I cut my carrots into long thin strips after one bad experience with rounds. Bernard got a small round stuck in the roof of his mouth and was able to get it out by building up enough saliva. It was a few horrid seconds, as my finger was too big to help get it out and i had to watch him do it himself. I was really worried i'd have a choked pig. The carrot sticks are better as the pigs bite off only what they can deal with.
ok day 3 since i adopted them - my milo female gold white ) and mocca male white beige dark brown ) start eating green pepper( milo only) / cucumber( milo only) /carrot (both love it but i read the chart , advice 2-4 times a week . ), still not into tomato , i try to cut into tiny piece and put it w pallet.

is it ok? or will it spoil my pallet? im using oxbow baby pallet.
Hi georgieslim!

Just to let you know- North American folks call corriander "cilantro" (the spannish name) almost everyone else calls it corriander! :p
I just take a plastic dinner plate and layer it on!!

My piggies get a variety of lettuces (Red leaf, green leaf, romaine etc) then cilantro and green pepper daily.

I also supplement (maybe one or two times a week) some of these:
Carrot, apple, parsley, dandelions, celery leaves, dill (omg they love it), tomato, strawberry tops, etc.

And, maybe a few times per month, or whenever we have it, a peice of cabbage, broccoli, squash, kale and collards etc.

I also just like to go to more 'expensive' places like Wegmans, Harris Teeter, Giant etc for greens, sometimes you can get off the wall things that I can't find at Bloom. Although, for stuff like Parsley and Cilantro- you can't beat SuperWalmarts 79cents each haha
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