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General How to cover up the smell


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Dec 14, 2011
small apartment + 2 new guinea pigs = smelly apartment.

What can I use to mask the smell of the bedding and hay and piggies?
I don't really find that guinea pigs really smell that bad. I think that if you keep your cage clean it shouldn't be so overpowering that you can smell it too much. The hay does have a smell to it, but I never found it to be stinky. I never sprayed any air freshener near my guinea pigs for fear that it would hurt them so maybe just open some windows, for some fresh air? I also light scented candles in my living room which could help.
What kind of bedding are you using? Really, a clean cage should not smell and any hay smell should be pleasant ! Be sure to clean up wet hay in their pen as that can stink !
Thry cleaning it more often. A cage shouldn't smell that bad, if it does try cleaning it more often and also scoop out any 'accidents' your piggies had every day. Also go to this site, click on home, look to the right of your screen and click on the 'cleaning' section. It will give you great advice on cleaning your cage.

I meant 'Try' not 'Thry', sorry!
its cool and it really is the smell of the bedding. I am using fleece on the bottom and wood pellets in the kitchen. My sister says she cant smell anything... Stupid sensative nose of mine. I will just do some febreze plug ins

I am a Julia also! and I love that you put thanks Julia at the bottom of your posts for my own little sneaky reason LOL Is that your piggie in you avatar?
Since they are new, they might also be marking their territory. Are they boars? If the smell is quite musty, it's the smell of them marking. There's nothing to fix that. It should go away once they are used to the place and mark less. An air purifier might help a little.
I wouldn't use Febreeze. It's bad for you and your pigs to breathe in. Do you wash your fleece with vinegar to strip the soap off of it? A soapy build up on fleece will smell horrible once your pigs pee on it.
Just wanted to clarify that you should not put scented candles near your guinea pigs, but I believe it would be fine to use them at a fair distance away, perhaps in another room without harming them.
What are you using under your fleece? Have you test if the fleece allows water to drain through before you put it in the cage? How often are you cleaning out poop?
Under the fleece are the absorbant materials used in piggy bedspreads and prefold diapers. yes water gets soaked throught the fleece in less than 2 seconds. I used cloth diapers on my daughter so I am familiar with the laundering process. I am starting to think they might be marking their territory since they are new. But mostly it is the hay and wood pellets it smells like a barn to me LOL
Hay that has been tinkled on smells so bad! :sick:

Nah, it's just an avatar, but it's cute anyway, lol!
I think the febreze plug-ins should be fine. snopes.com: Febreze Pet Danger

Some brands of wood pellets have more of an odor than others. You might try another brand.

To keep the hay smell contained, you can feed it stuffed into paper lunch bags. It also helps to keep your hay in a closed (but ventilated) container.
Cleaning completely everyday is not a good idea. Because then they have to restink up the cage every time. If you replace the fleece every 4-6 days then replace the beds and/or pads that they sleep on every 4-6 days in opposite rotations so that something slightly dirty with their boy stank is in the cage. Once all the fleece has a perminant stank from multiple uses (like several months) they will really stop scenting.

As for scented things. I highly HIGHLY disagree with them being non toxic and am a naturalist that doesnt have confidence in the FDA or anyother organization. There actually are NO guidelines for cleaners so they can put arsanic in it and don't have to list it as an ingredient because there are no standards...

If you have facebook join this page and read all about it...


And most of the websites that say Fabreeze is safe are paid for by the SCJohnson company and/or some other affiliate of the company...
?? Snopes is an affiliate of SCJohnson?
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