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How to change user name?


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Cavy Slave
May 11, 2016
Hello all! This is my first post in years as after my last pigs past away I wanted to learn as much as I could and get myself stable in my own place with my own income. However since Milk/Misa and Cookie passed away it hurts seeing their names pop up every time I post. Is there a way to change my username to my current pigs names?:sad:
I would send @bpatters a private message and ask her how to change your username. I would think only an admin could change your username. I can certainly understand why you feel bad when your previous piggies names appear every time you make a post.

Let me welcome you back to the forum.
Let me add my "welcome back" as well! It sounds as though your life is moving in the right direction and that life is a bit more stable. Yes, @bpatters is the one who can change your user name.......or else tell you how to go about creating a new account if necessary.

Enjoy this crazy community!
No new accounts. Just send me a PM with the new name you want and I'll change it.
Just letting everyone know that my new username is going to be LordOfThePigs! I hope I see you all around the forum! Thanks for everyone's help!

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