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Fleece How to change fleece easily?


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Apr 26, 2008
Right now, I have the pig's fleece cut to exactly the size of the bottom of the cage. The problem is that they like to leave their droppings in the corners and a lot of times the corners roll up so all of their droppings get under the fleece. This makes it a lot harder to clean the cage. How can I keep all of the poo on the fleece and not under it?

The cage is set up like this: Easy Ramps, #01 - Guinea Pig Cage Photos
This is the exact reason people use litter boxes. Guinea pigs do tend to "do their buisness" in a corner. If you're noticing that they're doing that, put in a litter box! Or you could just put newspaper in the corners...but a litter box is the easiest, non-smelly, time saving way to go:)
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