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Dominance How to bond a dominant boar


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Cavy Gazer
Jan 14, 2023
So I started with one boar guinea pig my son brought from his dads house after his other guinea pig cage mate passed away. We decided to get another piggy so he wouldn't be lonely and they seem to get along great. My biggest mistake was getting a third pig without doing research. The new pig began to chasing, chattering his teeth with one of the pigs and they got in a physical fight and there was blood so I had to permanently separate them and put him in a different cage. Thankfully it was only surface scratches I clean the bonds and is healing good. Now the new pig is all alone and Im trying to figure out if I can find a guinea pig he can bond with or is he better off on his own?. I think he is more of a dominant pig, he was always sniffing the other pigs butts and chasing them, and trying to hump them. What do you guys think? Should I try and find a pig he can bond with or just have him alone in another separate cage.
I'd try to find another pig. Your best bet would be to either neuter him and put him with female, or find a spayed female as a partner. If that doesn't work, I'd try to find a shelter or rescue that would let you bring him in for a "meet and greet" and let him pick out his own new partner.

Dominance won't keep him from being able to establish a relationship with another pig. It just means you'll have to keep looking until you find a pig that's acceptable to him.

Do be sure that the cage is large enough for two males -- they need quite a bit of space, like 11-12 square feet as a minimum.
Find a rescue that does boar bonding, or try a shelter. You'll want to disucss this with the shelter before coming in since they may not know what you're talking about. If you have to bond on your own, there's plenty of great videos on Youtube about it. I would start with LA Guinea Pig Rescue and Scotty's Animals.
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