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How old does a boy guinea pig need to be neutered

oreo the piggy

Cavy Gazer
Jul 21, 2020
Please help I have searched online but I’ve seen so many different answers so I think I want to ask you guys I have a Midwest cage with a big run attached my two girls are happily living in it do you think it’s big enough to add a neutered boy please answer I really just need to know how old he needs to be neutered he is about a month old
Guys pls answer I need answer
You have no answer because every Vet has a different criteria. Generally, the cavy must be at least five months old and there may be a size/weight criteria that is applicable as well. Have you looked for an answer at www.guinealynx.com? That is the go-to-site for reliable and accurate information about cavy health. Find some cavy-savvy Vets in your area, call their offices and inquire about their criteria, fees, etc.

This Forum moves very rapidly and eventually someone will come along and give you an opinion, just as I did. Posting multiple times about the same issue won't hurry things along, and it just may annoy the Moderator.
No, a Midwest cage is not big enough for three pigs. I don't know how large the run is, so I don't know if the total area is big enough or not, but you need a minimum of 10.5 sq ft and around 13 sq ft is better.

Boars can usually be neutered at around 4 months. It's dependent on weight, and make sure you have a vet that is extremely good with guinea pigs, not just a small animal vet that is used to cats and dogs.

Fast answers don't always happen around here. You have to wait for people to check the forum.
Thanks guys I have a very reliable vet. And I appreciate the feedback I did not mean to come off pushy but I’m not very good at DIY Cages do you guys know any premade C&C cages that I could use I just want the best for my piggies
I also don’t know how to change my profile picture I know I’m dumb And I joined the forum today so I’m a noob��
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We were all noobs at some point -- it's okay. :cool:

Up at the top of the forum, if you click the link for Cagetopia, it'll take you to the cages store. You can buy a C&C cage from them and I believe it comes with instructions of how to put it together. (I made my own ordering stuff off of Amazon, but I'm more DIY oriented. Not everybody is; I know.)

As for profile picture, if you click the link at the top that says "My Profile", there should be an edit button for updating your avatar. It's been a while since I did mine, so I don't remember exactly where it is. I just picked a pre-made that I liked, but I know others have photos uploaded for theirs.

Welcome to the forum!
Every vet has a different criteria. What I found as a good guideline is 700 grams or 4 months old but I would ask what your cavy savy vet does them at. If anything for the cage, you could always attach another Midwest cage (or two). This website also has c&c cages to buy with everything needed :) for three pigs you would need a 2x5 grid cage.
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