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Bonding How often do you hold your pigs?


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Nov 30, 2013
How often do you hold your pigs? This is a question I was just wondering about.. To be honest I hold my pigs once a week. It's not that I don't want to, it's just Ive been busy and I will be for the next two weeks.. I think my piggers mad at me. lol (Sorry if there is a thread like this already.)
Everyday to spot clean and have some floor time:)
I try to hold mine once a day but sometimes it doesn't happen. They don't like me yet so sometimes it feels more like a hassle than a fun experience. But then one of them will eat out of my hand and I'll get soooo excited.
I scoop up Chubz for about 15 minutes of lap time in the morning and then again at night.
I want to spend more time holding my piggies but I didn't estimate well enough the difficulties I would have since I own a cat. When my boyfriend isn't sleeping (the cat wakes him up and he works midnights) I'll happily lock the cat out of my room and let my boars on my bed (with fleece over it) but there have been some difficulties with that. Daydoh just sits there, frozen, but Hamphrey runs around and I'm afraid I'll get too comfortable and accidentally let him go off the side of the bed. I haven't figured out accommodations for floor time yet.
I try to hold mine as much as possible but their not that trusting of people yet. Even if I walk by the cage they run and hide.
my boys get handled every day. chock isn't that in to being stroked but spike is my little cuddle pig.
I have 8 girls and try to hold/spend time with them as much as possible. Mostly during their cage spot cleaning or when im laying down. I usually rest them on my stomach :D
I don't hold mine daily but I do pet them daily. I sit by the cage and feed them hay.
I try to cuddle them daily. Pumpkin enjoys it, Carlton would rather run.
Not very often to be honest. Maybe, once every couple weeks unless they are sick then they'll get picked up every day for examinations, weighing, and meds. Mine do not really like to be held, and I don't want to force anything on them they don't want.
I held them a few minutes ago. I feel accomplished. lol Sammy is the only pig that likes to be held, Cody doesn't really approve.
At least once a day. Sometimes only to take them to their floor pen and back to the cage, but I try to at least spend 10 minutes a day with them.
I get each of mine out once or more a day, depending on the day. I do this to continue to tame them and I think it has helped a ton with their comfort during laptime and handling. They still don't like being picked up though, but once i'm sitting still they are fine. I give them their veggies during this time too instead of just feeding them in their cage.
It really depends on my schedule, but I try to get Fuery out for some lap time once a week since he's not the most cuddly and I want to try to get him to like me a little more. Alex is really cuddly, so I take him out whenever I want to have a few hours with a pig. This week I've hardly gotten them out at all though, since I've been really busy.
Me too. I hate being busy.
On a side note (kinda..) When I was holding Cody I thought I might as well trim his nails. I gave him a carrot and went to go trim his black paw. Since he has 3 white paws and only one black one, it's hard but his long paw hair got in the way and I cut the quick. It bled a speck of blood then I applied pressure with a wet tissue and it stopped but I felt bad. :/
I handle mine once a week, when I'm cleaning cages, weighing, and doing health checks. Same goes for most of the pigs in the rescue, except for the skittish ones we're trying to tame a bit more and the ones requiring medication. Babies we hold daily to get them used to being handled.

Whereas pigs are perfectly fine without being held, it's no secret that the more you hold them, the friendlier they will become. Of course there are always exceptions!

People are often worried that they don't give their pigs enough attention, but most pigs are actually happier that way!
***People are often worried that they don't give their pigs enough attention, but most pigs are actually happier that way!***

I have to agree with that, mine can tell when I am going for the scoop or just a scratch behind the ear. They prefer the scratch....
I usually handle them a few times a a day. Most of those are just a quick cuddle because they are new to us. I do lay down in the floor time pen while watching tv for about an hour or so while they run around me. I'm trying to slowly increase lap time.
***I have to agree with that, mine can tell when I am going for the scoop or just a scratch behind the ear. They prefer the scratch....***

That made me laugh because somehow Chubz seems to sense the difference too and runs around in circles... when I finally get him with both hands he wriggles out and takes off again like I'm going to murder him.
I try to hald each of my three for at least a few minutes every other day. Two of them are calm and go with lap time for up to half an hour but the third hates being held and almost immediately starts tugging at my clothing until I put her back, unless I occupy her with brushing or food. But she is much more agreeable to in-cage petting and purring while the other two who enjoy lap time prefer to run and hide to avoid cage petting. It is a strange balance but I try to have personal interaction with each of them every couple days at least.
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