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how much igloos should I get for 2 guinea pigs?


Cavy Slave
Jun 26, 2012
Hi I have a quick question. I have heard that for 2 guinea pigs I need two igloos. But I have one large igloo and my guinea pigs sleep together and seem fine. So is it very important I should get another igloo? Also if I should get another igloo does any one know what sizes?
I wouldn't get igloos-- They do not have good circulation and pigs can easily get trapped in them. You can saw another exit into the one you have, though they may still chew the plastic.

I would get 3 of whatever you decide to use. I have 2 fleece forests and a wooden hidey with two holes cut into it for exits, and I use tunnels, tubes, soda pop boxes, things like that
I have two pigs and they have one igloo that they both sleep in, Ive not had a problem with them chewing on it or getting stuck, they arent that stupid! They also have two other hidey areas but the pigloo seems to be their favourite.
Childrens step stools would be a better alternative, cheap, similar to igloos but with multiple entrances, as future dominance behavior could cause one pig to trap the other in an igloo, As well as better circulation. You need at least two of everything.

[GuineaPigCages.com] how much igloos should I get for 2 guinea pigs?
I'm not a fan of igloos, either. They've got very poor air circulation, even if they've got two entrances and exits. And pigs that spend a lot of time in them lie in their own wastes.

I bent some grids and made bunk beds for the sides of my cages by clipping fleece pads to the bottoms, and my pigs love them. They sleep on them and under them, and occasionally play chase over them. I've also got two step stools, which I also made fleece pads for, and they like those also. Fiddlesticks also work for hideys, and can be shaped to fit whatever part of the cage you like.
Fiddlesticks also work for hideys, and can be shaped to fit whatever part of the cage you like.

The fiddle sticks I bought were too small for my piggies to crawl under! :/ I might need to join two of them together to make it work... At one point I had it leaned up against the side of the cage but then Lightning knocked it over and I figured he could get hurt if he did it again so I took it out. Might use it for a "bridge" if I combine my two cages side by side so my piggies can climb over the coroplast sides without me cutting them down...

I like the "waffle block" houses because you can make them bigger and leave out "blocks to make additional entrances...but they're not cheap :( The one I do have works really well for Lightning though because he doesn't like having only one entrance - he prefers tunnels and hates snuggle sacks! Cinnamon on the other hand is the opposite, so she has a "cavy cave" - basically a cloth igloo, but it circulates air much better and i can throw it and the interchangeable pads into the wash :D

Basically the point of having 2 of something is in case they have a fight and are being mean to one another - if you have other options to hide in then you don't necessarily need to buy another igloo, and if you choose to buy another igloo I suggest looking into one made out of cloth rather than plastic...
I have heard that you should alays have one more hidey for the number of pigs you have. But yeah, at least have two separate places for them.
@HannibalLecter - just had to say I love the markings on your little brown piggy! the brown across his eyes with the white nose and crest area makes him look like a bandit!! :)
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