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General How much do you spend on hay?

So, I was reading on the website. Should I get 1st cut, 2nd, or 3rd?
I was about to order 45 lbs of hay from KMS hayloft, and my boyfriend just called and told me that the ranch he volunteers at will sell me half a bale of orchard grass for $6. They pay about $6 for a whole bale, so they profit a little. Pretty exciting since KMS would have been around $60, and also this ranch is really close by.
With my one pig and chinchilla I go through 9 lbs of hay every month. We go through a lot because I also freshen the hay often and my piggie loves to roll and then bathroom in the hay. My only source for hay is ordering Oxbow through my vet. I spend a little over $30 (can't quite remember) for a 9 lbs. box. It's pretty steep compared to what others pay but I really don't have anywhere else to get it. I live in Brandon, Manitoba and there are a ton of horses so you would think I would be able to get local hay no problem. However, all the hay I can find has some alfalfa mixed in with it, which I can't use. I could order online since it's probably cheaper but I love to support my vet and she gets it in the next day after I order it. All I have to do is call her and say Pedro is out of food or hay and she goes and does everything for me lol
Kristen, my pigs prefer second or third cut, but will eat first if they have to.

Zaylea, just check and make sure that it's all (or mostly) orchard grass without a lot of alfalfa mixed in. But that's a great price, and about what local hay should cost. Also be sure and get some that's been protected from rain. If you like it, go back and get enough to last you until the next fall cuttings if you've got somewhere you can store it.
I've just switches to Oxbro Orchard grass Hay. It's 10 bux for 40 oz, guess I use two a month.
I bought a 75 lb bale of Orchard/Timothy mix for 12 dollars locally. (well...somewhat locally I had to drive an hour to get it) but I estimate it will save me almost 200 dollars for my two messy and wastefully male piggies
About six bucks a month.
I get 20 lbs of Timothy Hay at a local feed store for $7. We have two guinea pigs and a rabbit that all need hay. For sure that would be the cheapest way. We sometimes look at the price of hay in the little baggies at pet stores/tractor supply and thank God that we do have the feed store for cheap hay.

I always assumed that they got the hay locally, because we do live in a rural area with lots of farming. He told me yesterday when they got in there that they ship it from Canada because it is better quality hay. Thought that was interesting... :)
Where in Canada are you? I'm in Woodbridge and if your close youre welcome to try some of my Timothy oxbow. I bought 50lbs and that's a ton for my one piggy but it was cheap!
And as for a good Canadian retailer, yes, Canadian pet connection.
I should add my pig was picky as well. I tried four different hats before settling on oxbow. I would love to find someone to split it with as the 50lbs is the cheapest way to go but it's soooo big!
Jaclyn, thanks so much for the info! Wohooooo, you made my week, finally a place in Canada with reasonable prices :)

I'm in Mississauga so not too far away. Hmmm, maybe we can work something out though we may go through the hay at different speed as I think you have one less piggie than me? I also have to admit that I have a crazy hectic schedule right now (also very pregnant), so not sure about doing something about splitting larger hay order this time around. At the same time though 50 lbs sounds like quite a bit to have hanging around! Maybe I'll place a smaller order, see how the piggies like it and then maybe in the spring we can see about connecting?

Again I can't thank you enough for the suggestion!!!!!! Assuming I can get my piggies to like it, it will save us soooo much money, thank you :love:
I'm very pregnant too! Why are you having? Is it your first? I'm expecting my second boy. I'm also going to be at my in laws which is near 427 ad burnhamthorpe tomorrow evening. If you want to just try out some hay I dont mind giving you some at all. I mean even like five lbs or something is nothing to me but expensive for you to buy in a small bag. It's up to you though as I know how busy this time of year is! Plus shopping and doing anything with a toddler and super pregnant is just so hard. Even if you just go to that store you are pretty close and they guarantee the hay, so you've really got nothing to lose. I'm a sucker for bulk savings lol. I spend way too much at Costco lol. I'm glad that I could help.
I was dismayed at the price of hay as well. Those little baggies of hay are expensive and dont last long at all! I found a local feed store that sells bales of grass hay for $6 a bale, (40-50lbs), and it is going to last me a loooong time, Im so glad I looked! If you look on craigslist, under the farm and garden section, you might find a local farmer selling hay. And, my piggy loves the hay every bit as much as the petstore hay. :)
I bought a 90lb bale of orchard/timothy mix for $17. Storing it isn't as easy as the bags, but I think my bale will be enough for my piggies for a long time. I don't think I'll go back to buying bags from the pet store again.
I am lucky my friend owns a pet supply store and can get me large boxes of oxbow. I do like kleenmamas hayloft though and order my hay and pellets from them. We have goats also but I spoil my piggles with super good hay.
2nd or 3rd for piggles
Jaclyn so sorry I didn't get to your message until just now. This is a surprise #4 baby for us! Currently 35+ weeks and as my first came quite early, it could literally be any day now (or not!). Just running around like mad at the moment to stock up on everything I can, arrange all things in the house and so forth to make it a little easier after the arrival of the little one. My oldest has extra activities after school too on some days, so it will be a bit hectic initially, but great of course in the long run.
I think I may just swing by the store tomorrow, get some hay (I already purchased 5 bags of Zupreem so am set for over a month with that too), but at least then we have a good amount and that's taken care of until we get close to spring. The piggies are more my "thing" vs. my hubby's (he takes care of the dog walking more), so I'd like to stock up on all things related to our piggies before the arrival as he's not quite as picky when it comes to their care and needs. He might just get "any hay" and that will just not do!
I pay around $18 for the large bags (Or, well, the largest my pet store sells) of oxbow orchard grass probably about once every 2 weeks. So close to $40 a month, I guess. I'm also in Canada.
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