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General How much bigger?


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Jan 21, 2012
I have a C&C cage for my babies right now (I have two females) but will be expecting babies within the next week or so. I know that I will need more space now to keep the girls and all the babies. My question is, assuming she has 5 babies, how much bigger do I need the cage to be? What size does it need to be to hold all seven babies?
What size is your cage now? If I were in your situation I would hold off on cage building until the pups are born. That way you'll know sexes, and how many you have. Hypothetically of course, if you managed to obtain 7 females after this the cage I would go for something like a 3x6 or 2x10 base and add levels if you wanted to.
It's 2x3 now but I wasn't sure if 3x6 would be large enough. And if I end up with males and females, I'll need to separate them. If I ended up with say, 4 females and 2 males after the babies are born would it be safe to have two 2x3 cages or would I need a 3x6 and a 2x3?
A 2x3 is not enough even for two pigs. You would need a minimum of 2x6/3x4 for four pigs, a 2x4/3x3 for two. Boys generally need a larger cage than recommended, especially once they hit adolescence.

Make the cage as large as you can, that way you know for certain you have enough room no matter the number of either sex when you separate at 3 weeks.
Thanks so much! I was already worried that my girls didn't have enough space! I will definitely make sure to make it much bigger! :)
The issue is that boys have a tendency to, well, gain a climbing skill when housed next to girls. ;) You can put grids in towards their cage on top, or a lid to prevent them going over. As long as they aren't fighting over the girls there shouldn't be any issues. And who knows, they might be all girls, or a single easily neutered boy making everything much easier.
Closet shelving makes great lids, but be sure to have something to clamp the lids down if you wind up with boys. They can be very creative and very determined to get to the girls.
I have personal experiance with the boys climbing! I have a 3 level metal rack that I have my cages on and one of my boys (which is on the top level!) Climbed over the side of his cage and I caught him trying to squeeze over the girls cage side to get to them! Needless to say the boys' cage has a lid now :)
Oh my goodness! Lol that's so funny! I'll definitely have to watch for that! I've considered having the boys neutered that way I could keep them all together. Are there any large risks that run with doing that?
Oh my goodness! Lol that's so funny! I'll definitely have to watch for that! I've considered having the boys neutered that way I could keep them all together. Are there any large risks that run with doing that?

It would only work if there is one boy. Boys will fight over females even if neutered. A lone male can live with as many females as will tolerate him and each other, but more than one and they must be housed separately. Look into a good cavy savvy vet to do a procedure like that, as it is more difficult and less routine than a dog or cat would be. So extra precautions would need to be met.
I have a great vet! I'm just a little concerned about how much it would hurt them. I only have girls Now so I wasn't sure how all of that worked
You can house males together, and females together, and one male with several females, but usually more than one male with females doesn't work well. There are a few people who do it, but most give up pretty quickly.

Just so you know, neither spaying nor neutering is a trivial surgery for a guinea pig -- much more complicated than for a cat or a dog. And it's more complicated for females than for males. If it were me, I'd put the males in one cage and the females in another before I'd have all the males neutered just so they could live with the females.
That was what I was worried about. As much as I have faith in my vet, I don't want to risk hurting one of the babies or losing them! I wouldn't be able to live with being the reason they are hurt :(
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