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How Many? how many?


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Nov 10, 2011
how many piggies do you have? are they male or female? and how many cages do you have?
thanks guys!
1 cage, 2 guinea pigs, both boys!
2 boys, 2 cages, and a real hope Charlie heals and puberty is ova soon! lol
I have two male piggies. They are 4 months old, approx. Their names are Rayo yTrueno (Spanish for Thunder and Lightning). They live in two huuuuge petstore cages put together. They don't sell coroplast where I live. They also have a small ouutside pen where they can eat grass during the day, weather permitting and only when I am also outside watching them. They share a room with a rabbit and two chinchillas.
I have 10 guinea pigs. 8 females and 2 males! The females are in two cages and the males are in one! :)
I only have one female, but working on her socialization so that we can get her a friend.
I have seven guinea pigs. Two males (one neutered and one unaltered) share one cage, three unrelated females in a second cage and a mom and daughter in a third cage.
I think after gp number 5 you become an expert lol I'm just sayen.
I have 2 baby boy piggies that are about 5 weeks old and 1 cage. I hope they continue to like each other through adolescence because I really don't want 2 cages :)
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