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How Many? How many water bottle do you have?


Cavy Slave
Oct 31, 2011
I have two pigs and I only have one water bottle for them.
Should I get another one so that they can have their "own" bottle?
Because one of them seems to not drink as much as the other one.
I would definitely get two bottles. Not only to make sure that they have enough water each day in them, but because one might even be guarding the bottle and not letting the other one drink, or they might be fighting over it.

I keep two bottles, and while they both drink from both of the bottles, they still like to bump each other out of the way and start drinking from the bottle that the other one was drinking from, so having a second bottle for the other piggy to move to is important.
Thanks! I'll get one more bottle tomorrow
So basically I should get two of everything to keep them both happy?
In their small cage I've had one bottle, and since they get a great deal of floor-time they've got another one in their floor-time kitchen area. In their C&C (which I'm working on right now! I plan to be finished tonight :) ) I'm going to get another one. One of my pigs definitely drinks a lot more than the other one, and since she's the alpha, it may be bullying. My other one seems completely healthy and very energetic so I'm not too worried, but I still plan on getting another; I'll probably pick one up tomorrow. My alpha is such a guzzler lol
I'd get two of everything. I have four cages and 10 guinea pigs all together and I have 7 water bottles and 7 food dishes. Two is better and spread them out too!
I have 5 pigs and 5 water bottles. It may seem excessive but when it gets warm - like in the summer - my pigs drink ALOT of water. While the pigs will all drink out of any bottle, having more than one prevents fighting because there will always be a time when two or three pigs want a drink at the same time. Plus, one bottle can be drained when all pigs are thirsty and if you happen to be out all day, the pigs will be without water.

Give them more than one food dish too! My pigs get all excited about pellets, if yours are the same than having more than one dish will prevent the head butting and pushing.
I have three cages, two with two guinea pigs and one with three guinea pigs. I used to have more than one bottle per cage but they always had a lot of water left in each bottle each day so I switched to one per cage. None of mine are big water drinkers so none of them have ever run out. I clean my bottles every day so it's easier with three and I'm wasting less water. I think you just need to know your pigs' drinking habits to decide how many you need.
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I just got another bottle yesterday and they seem to like it.
Thanks for all the comments :)
I have 1 large and 1 small water bottle for my 2 pigs. I have 1 dominant pig that sometimes pushes my other one around and steals her food so I figured it was safe to have 2 of everything.
I have 2 piggies and they are in a 2x4 c&c cage. I have 2 water bottles. :)
As a rule of thumb I think it is best to have at least 2 water bottles, that way if one fails your piggies still have access to water.

Just a thought…you just never know what could happen.
Tulip has two water bottles in her cage; Buffy and Ginger have two water bottles in their cage. I've noticed all three seem to prefer one bottle over the other. Silly pigs! :D
I have ten piggies. Two males in one and 4 in each cage for the females. Both cages for the females have 4 and the males have 3. Sometimes the bigger one will gaurd both on the bottom level so the smaller male will go up to the kitchen area to drink from the water bottle upstairs :)
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