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Fleece how many times to wash before using it?


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Nov 10, 2011
ive read up on this site but i cant find were it says how many times to wash and dry fleece, it says so many thing :s how will i no when i can use it?
Fleece should be washed about 3 or 4 times with no softener before you use it. After you wash and dry it, check how well it wicks by putting some water on it. You can use it when it wicks quickly, but it doesn't have to be immediate.
Just to clarity, wash AND dry at least 3 times with no fabric softener/dryer sheets.
I've also heard to wash and dry 3-4 times. I tested my fleece after the first wash and dry and it wicked the water right away. I used Tide in a hot water cycle without softner or static sheets in the dryer. I'm using one layer of fleece and one layer of Uhaul blanket and it works great
To be clear its wash-dry, wash-dry, (check), wash-dry, repeat until it wicks (be sure the water is body temp not cold because pee will be warm...).
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