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Coroplast How many sheets will I need?


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Feb 20, 2012
So I am moving into our playroom. I will have room to build a giant cage for my 3 female piggies. I can make a 3x4, 3x5, or a 2x5. Can someone tell me how many 4'x8' sheets of coroplast I will need for each cage. Thanks!
Oh and which cage should I go with.
For my 3x5 I go two sheets. What I did is I thought I was going to have to do two different coro boxes. Like one 2x3 box and one 3x3 and then connect them to make the 3x5. Instead, I made the 3x5 out of the grids and placed the 3x5 grids on top of one sheet of coro. I traced the inside of the grid rectangle.
[GuineaPigCages.com] How many sheets will I need?
I only have a few inch sides, so I cut out bigger sides for the back and sides with the other sheet of coroplast. I just taped them to the shorter sides. I left the front of the cage pretty low because I can see the guinea pigs better!
[GuineaPigCages.com] How many sheets will I need?
I had a lot of extra coroplast, but I have used a lot of it for little projects for the pigs, so it wasn't a waste to get two sheets.
Alright. with the two sheets together is there enough to make 6 inch sides without having to cut and tape it on? Thanks
Yeah you could just make two different coroplast boxes with six inch sides and fold down one side each to connect them. How many piggies do you have going into this new cage?
If the biggest you can do is a 3x5 then do that! I think a 2x5 would be a litte too small for three piggies. I love my 3x5 so much, and it has so much room for the pigs to run!
Yes, bigger is always better! If you have room for a 3x5, go for it! You would only need one full sheet (4'x8') of coroplast.

Btw, @ILoveMillie , a 2x5 is the minimum for 3 pigs. :)
One sheet is enough for a 3x5 if you make the sides 3 inches.
If you get 2 sheets you'll have to tape them together at some point, unless you make separate trays.
Thanks. It depends on the price of coroplast. If I can get it cheap, ill do the 2 boxes and tape together, otherwise Ill do the 3 inch sides Thanks everyone!
Wait a minute. Now I'm REALLY math stupid (really really) but I just made a box a few weeks ago for my 3x3 cage and I had to tape some on the one side. I know our inside dimensions are 43x43 (ish) b/c I just made cage liners at that size. So that only left 5 inches. So you couldn't do 3 inch sides on both sides of the 3 wide parts. Obviously it was long enough but not wide enough. Does that make sense? Bc I'm sorta confusing myself here. Anyway, maybe my math stupid brain flubbed it up (but I did have my very math smart hubby helping me so I don't think he'd flub it) but I had to tape some extra on one side.

Seriously hurts my brain, I need some tylenol now.
A 3x5 cage is 41x71 (that is if you use connectors and leave room for scoring). With 3.5 inches sides, you'll use 48 x 78

(41 + 3.5 + 3.5) x (71 + 3.5 + 3.5)

If you don't use any connectors, a 3x5 is 42x70. You'll need to leave room for scoring, so the inside tray will be 41x69. A 4x8 ft sheet is still enough.
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Ill be using cable ties. I get aggravated by connectors and dont have enough. We bought 2 boxes of 6 cube grids. So I have 48 grids. Is this enough to build the cage and possibly a stand?
Should be enough. Depends on how you build the stand.

I thought 6 cubes pack comes with 23 grids.

Which size cage are you going with?

A 3x5 needs 16 for the sides, and 15 for the floor.

A 3x4 needs 14 for sides, and 12 for the floor.

A 2x6 needs 16 for the sides, and 12 for the floor.

The rest can be stand.
I just drew up a little sketch on a scrap of paper to see how many grids are needed for a 3x5 cage on a stand and I came up with 54 grids.
If you spaced the grids under the stand 1.5 grids apart, you'll need only 17 grids.
5 for the back + 3 left side + 3 right side + 3 + 3 in the center
oops yes. My bad I have 46 then. Could someone sketch me up a stand that would use only 46 grids (Cage included.) My dad really doesnt want to go buy another box Thanks!
Unless I counted wrong you should have enough grids to build a 3x4 cage.
How about this one?

3x5 cage with stand. 46 grids.

15 grids for the stand
[GuineaPigCages.com] How many sheets will I need?

stand with base
[GuineaPigCages.com] How many sheets will I need?

whole cage
[GuineaPigCages.com] How many sheets will I need?
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