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Fleece How many sets of fleece do you have?


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Apr 29, 2012
how often do you change the fleece? I have 3 sets right now + sides to go up over the coro. Will this be enough for a week? Or do I only need to change it once a week. My mom is insisting I change it a few times per week to keep the 'stink' in check.
What are you using underneath it?

You only need to change the fleece once a week. The smell issue could be resolved by changing what you're using as an absorbent layer, if you are having problems.
I have 4 sets now. Went out and bought more fleece today to make a couple more. I don't have a large C&C right now, but am working on it. I like to change everything once a day maybe every other day if I feel extremely low on energy. My older girl (can't be more than 6m to a Year) has already shown signs of bumblefoot. That is the reason I'm extra careful with their house.
I don't have smell problems, but I like to change by cage every 2 days. I like to keep things nice and tidy, so I do it more than once a week. I currently have 4 sets of fleece and towels, so that lasts me about a week.
I currently have 3 without sides . I will have more tomorrow and sides will be added.
I just went and counted. I have 30 fleece pads. 2 are used in each cage,slightly overlapped. That way, my guinea pigs can stay in the cages when I change the fleece. I have four cages for 8 guinea pigs. I have about 7 pieces that are older that I don't use too often anymore so I made two new sets this week. I rarely ever go past 3 days without changing them. I don't want any odor in my dining room.
I haven't got my pigs yet, but I'm using towels underneath. I think if I change it every 2 or 3 days that should help keep up with the smell. I have another thing of fleece, I haven't made it into a liner though because I was hoping to use it for the play pen I'm designing. I think 3 sets of towels and fleece would be okay for the week :)
I have double sided fleece mats (2 of them) with a different pattern on each side. Halfway through the week I flip it over and do a mini cage clean. I don't notice any problem with smell until really close to the end of the week and even then only when I'm right in front of the cage, but then I have dogs and a cat too so maybe I'm just immune to animal smells.
My hamster never really bothered me, but my dad said he smelled a lot so I may be immune to the 'stink' as well! :p I don't want to make mats, I feel like they'll be really hard to wash.
My hamster never really bothered me, but my dad said he smelled a lot so I may be immune to the 'stink' as well! :p I don't want to make mats, I feel like they'll be really hard to wash.

My fleece pads have fleece on two sides and a single layer of uhaul padding in the middle. It washes and dries nicely. I tried double uhaul padding but it seemed to stay damp longer so I stuck with the single layer. I put the fleece pads over a single layer of uhaul pad in the cage.
I have 3 cages(2 piggies in each) and each cage has a large fleece pad plus an extra set for total cage clean day(change once a week). Then I have about 45 smaller fleece pads of various sizes that I put in the high traffic areas(change every other day, but shake out everyday). I have had first time guests that said they would have never know I had piggies when they walk into the house because there is no smell:crazy:! I was so stinking happy when they said that:D!
Yeah my biggest concern is any stink! I don't want that to happen. That's cute.
I only have 1 set right now and thats all I plan on getting. I put my pigs in for floor time for three hours and everything is fine. You have to make sure the fleece is 100% dry when you put it down
I do what HHbean mentioned with the pads. Works great! I have never had a smell problem!(broken link removed)
I change my fleece every four days. Tuesdays and saturdays. I spot clean everyday. Underneath my fleece I put Vinyl l fabric on the bottom then a crib mattress pad on top of that with puppy pads on top then the fleece. The puppy pads absorb all the pee but I have stuff underneath incase the pad leaks
I only change my once a week. What I notice that stinks is wet hay (yuck :yuck:)! I have to wash the hay rack out 1-2 times a day, one of my girls has taken to weeing in the pan and makes it smell like a zoo! As long as we sweep it 1-2x a day I do not notice the stink. I use U-Haul padding underneath.
I use liners with two layers of UHaul sewn to the fleece. I have three cages and four pigs with two sets of fleece per cage, and I only change the liners once every four or five days or so. Smell, at leat in my cages, comes mainly from wet hay. I sweep up their dirty hay and pops every day. That keeps smell down almost completely. How often you change your liners depends on cleanliness and hygiene.
I will definitely keep on the hay then! thanks guys.
I change every other day but maybe when we expand enough to have a separate kitchen area, we'll just change ethat every other day and the main area less often. I cant tolerate smells especially since they live in my living room.
I have 2 sets and change about every 5 days. I use towels underneath. I have 2 boars and don't have a problem with smell. I am making mats for the high potty areas and under the hay but only for the pig's comforts, not b/c of the smell.
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