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How many of you have Himilayans?

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Cavy Slave
Sep 8, 2004
I have one, he's an American Himilayan. Does anyone here have a Peruvian Himi (and do ya have pics of him/her?)? Me and my mom want one sooo bad but just can't find one anywhere!
im not sure if mine is but he is the one in my avatar so you can look at him. Im trying to get a photo gallery.so if i do i will tell you. if anyone knows any good websites to post pictures, please let me know.
I love Himalayans! especially the Americans, and i want to someday get one. (There's other breeds?!! Cool!) Maybe you could search on Petfinder (www.petfinder.com) in your area, or even in your state, and eventually you'll find one. (I hope!) :)

If that doesn't work, perhaps you should do a wider search...

Hope this helps! (even if only a little) ;)
daddyslilgirl19, I don't have one but I do adore them.
Well, petfinder.com doesn't have any in my area :(.

I LOVE himi's too! I saw a pic of a Peruvian Himi on a guinea pig book. See go to (broken link removed)

to see one, he is sooo cute!
They are soo adorable! Are you looking at a rescue? You could try www.petfinder.com search and adoptables under their classifieds. You can also look at (broken link removed) for classifieds and rescues near you. Look on google for a shelter if all else fails. And if you really can't find one, there are lots of different breeds that are all beautiful! Good luck!
Do all himalayans have red eyes? Mine does and I was just wondering if this was normal. And I found out for sure that he is a Peruvian.
CavyCatastrophe said:
Do all himalayans have red eyes? Mine does and I was just wondering if this was normal. And I found out for sure that he is a Peruvian.
i dont think this would abnormal. I have seen many pigs with red eyes. If its a disorder that you're worrying about, then worry no more.
You're right, Daddyslilgirl19, they are adorable. I hope you can get one soon. :)

CavyCatastrophe, red eyes in pigs is perfectly normal, especially in white ones. Albinos, pure-white ones, have red eyes. There's another type of white that isn't completely white, and has black eyes. It seems yours was bred from a line of albinos. =)
Cool. I guess. It was his red eyes and blonde hair that made me pick him.(There are no shelters that have gp's in oklahoma at all so i had to get one from a pet store.)
I agree the peruvian(himilian) are extra cute and likable. Maybe the long hair makes them seem more "human". Mine was at a petstore for the longest time, nobody seemed to want him. Maybe he was too big allready. He has the dark eyes and thick white hair. In my profile pic if you want to see.
Pig pal, your piggy is SO adorable. Look at that little face...
Here is a web page of mine. (broken link removed) hope you like him. I am trying to put pictures of my other gp on as well but am having trouble.
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