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How many miligrams a day??


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Sep 6, 2004
I'm about to give the girls their veggies, and some fruit, and I noticed we have some fresh, green grapes in the 'fridge, and that brings me to my question. How many mgs of fruit a day? (Or however often... Twice a week?? Every other day? I need help!) And, how many mgs of veggies a day?

I can't give Callisto and Psyche (sike-ee) their lettuce any more (not that they really seemed to devour it... I kind of think they just barely nibbled it... or something...) because I just learned that regular lettuce is called 'iceberg' lettuce, which you should give a pigg... And all along, that's what I gave the girls yesterday and the day before! (My mom specially bought green-leaf for Tookie last August, so I'm okay there...)

So NOW I've got to make up for the temporary lack of lettuce by giving them lots of other types of veggies... and fruit (today), like grapes!

(broken link removed).
That page has some good nutrition information for you =)

You should give a little fruit once or twice a week. And veg twice a day, remember that varitay is the key to keeping pigs healthy. So for example one day give them carrot, cucumber, a little apple then the next red pepper, celery and broccoli.
Since you have learned iceburg lettuce is not the proper lettuce for your pigs why not get them some red leaf, green leaf or romaine lettuce instead. The key to getting pigs to eat things they aren't used to eating is to keep putting small amounts in their cage everyday for several days in a row. Mine wouldn't eat certain things before even after I did that but now I am trying them again and they are starting to eat them. I tried them again with turnip greens earlier today and they are eating them whereas they wouldn't when I tried them a few weeks ago.

I give my girls a tiny piece of fruit every day and I vary their fruit from day to day. One day they get a very thin slice of apple, the next a very thin slice of pear, the next a couple of small grapes cut in half, the next a thin slice of kiwi. I feel they aren't getting too much fruit that way but they have that treat every day. I may be wrong in giving them a small piece everyday but they really enjoy it. I make sure they get huge piggie salads twice a day as well and they have tons of hay and they get pellets too.
All right, thanks. I found some old printed-out tables from GuineaLynx, that I went through this morning, to make sure that grapes were okay. That's where I ran into the 10.8 mg of vitamin C out of 100mg... And I guess what I meant was--how many miligrams of vitamin C a day? Erm, I guess I "bungled" it before...

Callisto and Psyche love the chickweed from out in the yard (it was picked for them; it's absolutely pouring outside...) Psyche eats more hay than Callisto (I think). On Saturday I gave Psych a hay-stuffed cardboard roll, and left it alone on Sunday, hoping that she'd nibble at it... And what do you know? This morning I found the roll completely unharmed, and ALL of the hay save a few leaves gone. Smart piggy, huh? Eats the hay of the roll! (When most eat it all!)

Callisto ate most of her carrot (baby), while I don't think Psyche touched hers! (Picky piggs!)

Anyway, I've got to go make a list of all the interesting fruits and veggies (or at least inform my parents to buy anything but iceberg!)...

I hardly ever give fruit, probably once every other week, they just don't like it as much as vegetables.

A cup of vegetables a day is the minimum
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