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How Many Guineas Do You Have?


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Oct 15, 2004
How many guineas do you have and what are their names? I have one lonely cavy and we're still working on a name.
we have two girls named pixie and sprite
i have two called nipper and brandy
I have two called Chocolate and Ferrero Rocher.
mimicat said:
I have two called Chocolate and Ferrero Rocher.
What colour are yours? one of mine is orange-brown and the other is white and brown : )
agpiggy said:
What colour are yours? one of mine is orange-brown and the other is white and brown : )
Well, chocolate is brown-black w/ black eyes, and Rocher is white-gold and w/ red eyes.
cool, they sound cute...im gonna go and have a look at your pictures!!
awwww they are cute
I have four, Maggy is a self crested brindle (I just found this out! lol I thought she was agouti or something...not a big breed person...) Poozy is a tri colored smooth haired girl, Lilly is an orange (or red...whatever) dutch smooth haired, and Daisy is a brindle dutch abby. They are all super cute and sweet!! lol But it could just be my oppinion....check out my pics!!
I have four. Pickles, Rosie, Biscuit & Gravy.
I have two. Furlong is a crested self black and Ascot is tri coloured. He is white, sand coloured and ginger (he's the one in my avatar)
I have six piggers. 4 sows, 2 boars.

  • Spice, red Sheba Mini Yak
  • Cinnamon, tricolor Ridgeback (tan, red,white)
  • Petunia, black and white Abby
  • Luna, tricolor Texel (charcoal, gold, white)
  • Sirius, tricolor American (black, cream, white)
  • Regulus, mosaic American (black, charcoal, white, red)
I would love to see pics of your pigs Noveil, I have never heard of those breeds! (well, some of them anyway)
I got 12. Muffy is black, orange, white smooth hair. Scruffy is black, orange, white fluffy hair. Muffy and Scruffy are brothers and sisters. Princess Fluffy is orange and white fluffy. Prince Fluffy is Grey with yellow spikes and white nose. Thats Prince Fluffy in my profile pic. Peanut is Yellow, grey, and white fluffy. Checker is black and yellow with white face. Gizmo is yellow and black on each side with white face. Autumn is orange black yellow and white all though with blotches of hair along her hips. Patches is all yellow with grey patch on her eye. Squeakers is all white with 2 black patches on his eye. Piggles is all black with white nose and butt she looks just like Scruffy thats under cozies named Scruffy. Oreo is all black with white ring and patch on her eye. Muffy and Scruffy both got 3 pups they are Squeakers, Oreo, and Piggles. Prince and Peanut are brothers and sisters. Peanut had 2 boys Gizmo and Checker. Peanuts mom had two girls Autumn and Patches. Princess we got for free from a nice lady. We never bred them at all they all are separated. Heres what happened. When we bought Muffy and Scruffy, they were suposed to be females but 3 weeks later Muffy had 3 pups and the private petstore own lied to us but we kept them all. Now about Peanut and her mom were accedently mated you can say. She was cleaning out the pen and One male got both. She asked if we could keep Peanut and her 2 babies and Peanuts moms 2 babies too. Because she just found out that she is pregnant and too much to handle with 7 piggies for her with her 6 year old son. So we took them and they are in a great home and she can visite anytime she wanted to. thats the story. We got Prince before Peanut and her mom got pregnant.
another question I got how did you get a picture of a piggie by your names.
I have 4 piggers now I used to have only one. But I got 3 new piggers last night!!!!!!!!
You have to go to 'My profile' and 'Add Avatar' or something like that. Then browse through your computer files and double click on the file containing the picture. However, its needs to be a certain size, so I took mine to Paint and made it really small.
I have one beautiful piggy named Ruthie.
I have 5. Girls- Pumpkin, Butterscotch, Princess, and Tigger
Boy- Candy Cane (He is neutered)
CavyCrazyMom said:
I would love to see pics of your pigs Noveil, I have never heard of those breeds! (well, some of them anyway)
LOL Well....they are truly mostly mixed breeds but resemble the breeds that I call them.

Sheba Mini Yak is an Australian breed. They look like an Abby/Longhair cross...perpetual bad hair day. Spice looks similar to pictures I have seen of them so I dubbed her my Sheba Mini Yak.

Ridgebacks have a line of hair sticking up down their spine. I don't think Ridgebacks are a recognized breed. Cinnamon has that but in reality, she is probably an Abby cross.

Texels have long, curly hair and Luna is actually a Texel, my only actual pig with a specific breed.

American's are just short haired guinea pigs. Mosaic is an unofficial term that some are trying to get made official, just means Regulus has 4 colors, not the standard 3. More than likely, his charcoal is just a poorly defined black.

Makes them sound more exotic though, doesn't it? You can see pictures of all of them at (broken link removed) Regulus has not been added yet but he is in my avatar.
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