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Cage How many Guinea's can fitin my cage????

Maj C Prado

Well-known Member
Cavy Slave
Sep 18, 2011
So I have SEVERAL PREGNANT guinea pigs (By acciedent and by previous owners!!!)
So right now I have a 3x6 cage for my 4 girls and how many girls do you thing I could fit in it????
I am going to build a 2x6 C&C Cage soon and I am going to build a 4x4 for the boys!!!
I wouldnt put any more than 5 in it if possible. you may have alot of guinea pigs soon though, I would look into adopting some out if you can, you'll have a lot of work on your hands if you keep them all. good luck with the pregnancies :)
A 3x6 should handle 5-7 pigs, depending on age and how dominant any of them happen to be.

The general rule of thumb is that 13 square feet is the minimum recommendation for 4 pigs, and bigger is better. You need another 2.5 square feet for every pig you add. A 3x6 grid cage is roughly 24 square feet. So if you took 15 square feet for 4 pigs, you could theoretically add another 3-4 pigs in a 3x6. But the pig personalities will determine whether you can do that or not.
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