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How many Cavies can you have?


Cavy Slave
Aug 19, 2004
I was wondering, how many piggies can you have before it's too many?
is there a such thing as too many?!?!?!?
I don't think so, but just wanted to ask others
I think there is, but exactly how many that is depends on how much time and space you have to give to pigs. If you haven't got enough time to not only clean feed and water them, but to spend time with them every day and notice when there are any changes in their daily behaviour or feeding, then you have too many. Too many people have loads stacked up in cages/ hutches, and all they have time to do is take care of their basic needs.

The exception is of course rescues, who take pigs from bad situations with a view to finding them a lovely new home. They often have more than a person would have as pets, but their reasons for doing so are completely different.

But I don't understand people who have dozens of pigs as pets, and are happy with just taking very basic care of them and having the odd time where they'll give out cuddles etc. To me having pigs is about making them part of my home and life, and enjoying interacting with them and seeing them respond to the time and attention they get.

The most I've had is six, and I think four would be my limit at the moment.
i only have 2 and i think its hard to maintain them myself, but some people say that they can have 10 pigs with ease so it all depends on your invironment.
I think that too many is when you run out of time, money, and space to care for the pigs. To me, at most I would probably only keep three guinea pigs at a time, because any more and I wouldn't have the time to spend time with them individually. However, it really depends on what your schedule is.
I wouldnt go over four.
At first I only wanted 2, but then once I found out how great they are I got 3, then 4, then 5! :)
It depends on the situation. Too many = more than you can adequately care for. It's different for each individual.
mncavylover said:
It depends on the situation. Too many = more than you can adequately care for. It's different for each individual.
Yeah, if you have the space, money, and time to care for the pigs you might be able to handle a lot.
i have four right now. just got the new girl this weekend.
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