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How long will she be skiddish?


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Jul 11, 2005
We have had sabrina a little over 2 weeks now and she is just about 3 months old. Every time we go near her cage or open the top up she runs for cover. Is this normal? I would love to have her just stay put so I can pat her or something but I have to dig for her every time. I've tried going in with veggies and treats in hand and she will slowly creep out. I'm assuming this is just a time issue but how long?
Yes, it is mainly a time issue, but since piggies are prey animals it is perfectly normal. Everytime you go up to one of them they are sure to think that you are looking for dinner. Eventually they will probably not be so scared, but every piggie is different. There is no way to know exactly how loong it will take so you just have to be patient and go slow. It sounds like you are doing all the right things to gain her trust. Does Sabrina have a same sex friend? If not she needs one.
Thanks :) I figured it must be a time issue. I was hoping she wasn't previously abused or something. She does not have a same sex friend but I am working on it. Another member here in my state is contacting me about one she has.
Its great that your piggie creeps out for treats. Thats a great beginning. It had taken one of my piggies about 6 months before she let me pet her in the cage and not run away. That was a milestone. That makes it all worth it. They still run when they know I am coming to get them for lap time. I have to trap them to grab them. That will always be, it's their nature.
CC has alwasy been skittish and I think he always will be. He does relax some days when he wants to be picked up or fed. Nugget and Smores are a lot better.
Now i"m getting so sad. In her new home she likes to sleep under the loft and I have a very hard time reaching her under there. When she is on floor time she goes over to her cozy area of the cage and starts chewing on the metal like she wants to get back in. :(
Do you give her lap time. I think lap time is more important than free time in the beginning, especially to get your piggy to bond. It's very important to have your piggy on your lap while you pet him and coo to him. Cooing in that special voice will make your piggy jump for joy when he hears your voice. It will take time, be patient.
I think it all depends on the pig because my 1st pig begs to be picked up, but my second pig will run as fast as she can until i corner her.
It took my 1st pig about 4 months to do that, though
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