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How long should i give floor time?


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May 4, 2012
If i have a 2x4 c&c cage for two piggies, how long should i give them floor time?
I have the same size cage, and I have two girls. I make sure I give my pigs an hour of floor time every other day. I also like taking them outside in the shade so they can eat some fresh grass.
I do two to three hours of floor time, and sometimes more, but my piggies are still in pet store cages. They each have their own cage, and it's Living World Deluxe Extra Large habitats so they're almost at the minimum requirement, but I still feel bad (they'll be in a larger cage together once Borat gets neutered). I was using grids to make a pen on the floor, but now I've switched to a swimming pool so I can easily set up water bottles, give them food, and leave them out most of the day.
i let them play for about 2 hours
I let my pigs run around my pig proofed room for how ever long they want. If I see they're tired and not running around anymore then I normally put them back in their cage. I normally have them out for a few hours, I sit on the computer and let them run around. When I wash the fleece I keep them out for around 5 hours because I only have one change. They seem to enjoy running around through tunnels and hidies.
As an addendum to my previous response, I've been extending floor time now that I have the pool and extra water bottles. Borat and Amy often spend most of the late morning/afternoon out, since I work in the same room. I set up tunnels for Borat and spots to hide for Amy and give them goodies like hay or veggies at various times. I have newspaper in the pool and change out soiled sheets as soon as I notice a wet spot. They really seem to like the extended play time. The pool is really easy to clean...just roll it outside and hose it down daily.
My girls have extra grids that I extend from their cage to have floor time, so they can go back into their cage if they want. I leave the cage open for several hours a night, but they only run around in there for about 20 min before going back in their cage.
If your room is piggy proof, just leave the cage open and let them roam. My living room is safe, so I usually open the cage and allow them to come and go as they please.
I would be giving the girls so much more floor time if I could figure out what to do if they pee. I have a very large carpet that is trapped under heavy furniture, so moving it out of the way isn't an option. It's a pain to clean it up when they do, and it smells for a while afterwards. Most of my house is carpet, so I can't just bring them to a new room to roam. Is there product or trick to clean it up or prevent it?
My piggy is not yet in quite a big enough cage--I'm waiting to get a shipment of grids (already have the coroplast). I haven't been able to find any proper grids in my town. I've been working a 7-day workweek, so I've been letting her out at night on my bed with towels laid down for cuddles and fresh veggies, and then I've let her have the run of the bathroom for an hour or so today after piggy-proofing it. I plan to give her bathroom runs at least 3 times a week for an hour each until I can find a better job with fewer hours. Then, hopefully I can give her bathroom runs daily. Until then, she'll also have bed-time snuggles and exploring around my bed for about 30-45 minutes each night. It seems to make her happy--she makes those little happy, exploring noises and she popcorns like crazy.

I've been looking into buying a pen to set up in the grass outside, too, but I know we treat with fertilizer and pesticide and I need to investigate how safe that would be. :-(

Anyway, bottom-line from my post is: she's happy with whatever she can get. The more time out of the cage she can have, the better. She's just happier out of the cage.
good for you you know shes happy with the popcorninglol
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