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Infection How long should a new guinea's quarantine be?


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Sep 17, 2009

Unexpectedly I find myself with a new guinea pig and I need advice on how long to keep her in quarantine before I introduce her to my current gang of 3 girls.

Our newbie has come from a family friend after their eldest guinea pig had an accident with the lawn mower (traumatically gory), so they wanted a new home for the single girl with existing piggies rather than getting her another friend from a pet store. She's apparantly from a pet store herself, is 6 months old and has been living in an outdoor hutch. She looks healthy on 1st inspection and apparantly never been treated for anything ever.

I've set her up inside in her own cage (the hutch has been discarded) and replaced the crappy seedy supermarket food she's been on with some adult cavy Oxbow pellets and grass hay. Apparantly she's never had hay but likes bread !! (crikey) She seems to like the grass hay I've provided but I think it will take her time to get used to the Oxbow. I'd normally transition the food with a blend but this time I'm not because frankly, she's pooping seed shells and that just doesn't look healthy. So the seed mix has been binned. She's been treated for mites by me with Revolution this afternoon so now, how long do I wait before it's safe to start introductions?

My littlest guinea has always had a fragile digestive system so I want to be extra careful about the introduction of any nasty bugs. Experienced advice welcomed. Also, whilst I've done introductions between strange guineas before so I know the deal, I'm interested in hearing other's experiences so I'm ultra prepared. I want this to go well!

Thanks guys.
One month minimum.
Go to the vet and have them do the standard checkup and a fecal test for parasites. Also, have a skin test for mites.
After it's been one month and she's cleared by the vet, you've got the green light.
But don't skip followups before intros - it is tempting, but you have to be careful about these things, because guineas are just so delicate.
I don't agree that she needs to be cleared by a vet. Don't have a skin test for mites, since skin scrapings are painful, and usually inconclusive. The Revolution should do the trick for any mites, but keep an eye out in case she needs another dose in a month.

Quarantine can be anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks.
i would go with 3 since she was from a petstore originaly
Three weeks, and if she seems healthy during that time I'd skip the vet visit. Presumably she's already seen one since she's on Revolution, and that should take care of any parasites. Do NOT have a skin test for mites -- it can give negative results and she may still have mites, and it's painful for the guinea pig.

Thank goodness the other people gave her up. Lawn mower! Sheesh!
Hello, I'm pleased to report that quarantine has safely passed with no incidents and all girls are now together and getting used to each other. We've had a few dramas with the introduction and one badly bitten ear (now safely cleaned up and healing) but thankfully relative harmany has at last descended on our little group. Little newbie has been renamed Abby in honour of the fact she's our very first abyssinian piggy. After hutch-life she's still nervous having humans around 24/7 so is sticking to her hidey holes but peice by peice (of veggies) we're winning her over. Thanks for the advice guys. So far it's a happy ending.
Good ending to what could have been a very sad story. Glad you took her into your home. Kudos to you for all you have and will give to her.
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