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URI/Upper Respiratory Infection How Long for URI to Show Up?


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Mar 20, 2012
Yes, I've already admitted that I did a bad, bad thing by buying Mufasa in a pet store. Now that I'm more educated, I'm paranoid that he's harboring some terrible problem that will suddenly show up. How long does it typically take for a URI to show up? Mufasa was sniffling and sneezing a bit on his first night home, and I still think he's a little sniffly, but his eyes are clear and his nose doesn't really run. He eats fine and is active with his toys.

I bought him last Saturday; are we in the safe zone yet? I can't shake the notion that I bought a sick piggy and will pay the ultimate price for going the pet store route. He has a one-week guarantee, but there's no way I would bring him back even if he were sick because I don't trust what they'd do with him. He'd go to an exotic vet with me.
I think you would already see the signs of it. I bought mine from the pet store and was worried about the same thing, but lucked out as well.
When I got my first two pigs from the store(regrettably), I took them to the vet four times in the first month out of paranoia.

When you get new pigs, and already own some, there's a quarantine period of 2-3 weeks. I'm guessing that time-frame is made because it might take that long for certain things to show up. Hopefully someone can clarify that for me.

Sneezes aren't necessarily a sign of a URI unless it's frequent. Sometimes when pigs are digging through their hay or something, they sneeze because of the dust. Also, keep your ears open for coughing noises. Sometimes they'll make a coughing/choking noise when eating too fast. If they're nowhere near their food then I'd take that as a bad sign.

Another thing that I really encourage you to do is do a weekly weigh-in. You can read about weighing here: https://www.guinealynx.info/weigh.html

Weight is a great indicator of health, and it really helps me feel like a confidant piggie owner.

Good luck!
Thanks for the great advice on weight! My latest paranoia was thinking he feels kind of skinny, and I didn't even think to get out the postal scale so I can track him.

He loves his hay so hopefully that might be behind the minor sneezing. I bed with Carefresh so hay would be the most likely culprit.

I think much of my paranoia stems from having had a guinea pig as a kid who died in the first year. Looking back, I see that I did pretty much everything wrong. Sadly, I was a youngster and there was no Internet back then to educate myself. This time around I'm going to do it right with Mufasa (who I'm sure has no idea that he's stuck with a helicopter pet parent, LOL).
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