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URI/Upper Respiratory Infection How long do antibiotics take to work for guinea pigs?


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May 6, 2012

So we noticed Zeus and Thor, sneezing and wiping their noses, which sent alarm bells ringing for a URI. I did not want to risk anything with them, so they were booked into a vets immediately. The vet said their breathing does not sound bad, however prescribed Baytril for 8 days. Looking over the internet, I heard Baytril is not good for young guinea pigs. Zeus and Thor are 10 weeks old. Does anyone know if this is safe for 10 week old piggys? Also how long should I expect to see a difference to know if the antibiotics are working?

Thanks for your help! [GuineaPigCages.com] How long do antibiotics take to work for guinea pigs?
hi i also got given baytril for my young pigs i am quite concerned, but the vet told me that i should see a difference in 2-4 days hope tht helps
Baytril is NOT recommended for young pigs, as it can affect their growth. It sometimes has to be given, but only after something else has been tried and failed. Usually, Bactrim is the first choice for pigs who have not reached their full growth.

The literature says that it should be avoided for long-term use. But the problem with starting with it is that you don't know at that point whether it's going to be long term or not. And if it turns out to be, and you have to take the pig off of it, there aren't many other choices that are stronger and more effective. So you've started off with the strong medicine, and then had to back down to some less effective when Baytril didn't take care of the problem on a short-term basis. It just doesn't make sense to me to do it that way. I'd much rather start with the "weaker" antibiotic, and if that doesn't work, then step up to Baytril, which is stronger.
See https://www.guinealynx.info/antibiotics.html#baytril for more information.
I would go ahead and continue for the 8 days. You should see improvement within a couple of days.
Okay... A little more worried now, But think our only choice is to carry on with the antibiotics since I gave them their dose for today. :)
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