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Ratties How likely is this?!


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May 13, 2006
I have a C&C cage like this one:
How likely is this?!

For my rats. Last night my boyfriend woke up because he heard a noise and woke me up saying "I think the girls are out of thier cage!" Of course I jump up and turn on the light. There was Tifa our older rat having a pleasant old time romping around on the ground and Penny our younger rat caught in mid-escape! She got nervous (I think because we caught her in the act) but Tifa seemed to not care (She's more laid back any way).

This makes me nervous that they have been doing it regularly! I noticed there were little poos on the floor that were hard and the other day I found a rattie poo on my bed! Kevin, my boyfriend, thinks that they do this often, then go back in to the cage by morning! How likely is this that they go in and out of their cage at night?

We have cats, but the door to our room stays shut at night. So I'm not too concerned with the cats being a threat. And if this is the case (them getting out every night or so) shoud I be worried?

I'm just so shocked!
I would say it not a good thing.. Even if your cats cannot get to them, there are many other things that they could get into that could hurt them. Them chewing wires being just one..

Do you know how they are escaping?
I can't help but laugh! I keep picturing them leisurely doing their thing after you guys go to bed, and then going back home when they've had enough..animals are so funny.
I have noticed my dwarf hamster does this often, except she does not return to the cage. I find her having a run in my room.I think I have found her way out now. Silly girl, hope you find your girls exit.
I found the exit because Penny was in mid-escape. I fixed it with another grid. But do yo u think this is likely that they have done it before and returned?
I think it is very possible. Rats are clever little buggers.lol
Well my tidbit is about dogs but it may relate when I take my big dog to the vet the little one will jump over the gate poo on the floor than jump right back over the gate. He does this when he thinks his brother is getting special treatment.
Last night I observed their behavior with the fixed cage. They were franticly looking for a way out! Should I trust them enough to give them floor time? I feel like my rats can out smart me!! Grrr....I want them to behappy but I want them to be safe...maybe some new cage toys are in order. Could they need a bigger cage? My cage is a 1x2 with two levels and a wicked fun loft that they sleep in. I'll post pictures when I can get them on my computer, but I mean it seemed like a big enough cage, but now I wonder.
That's funny. Rats are too smart for their own good sometimes. My females figured out how to open and get out of they're cage too, but my dog sleeps in my room so that had to stop right away.
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