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How Does Someone Get Banned Right After Joining?


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Oct 6, 2014
Okay, I've been seeing some people who are on the "Welcome, Newbies!" list and they are already banned. I click on their activity and it says no results to display. How does that even happen?
By the way, I am not criticizing anybody's judgment in banning, I'm just asking how it happens so fast.
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I honestly don't know
But that's weird.
Perhaps something happened behind the scenes. Maybe a former banned member tried rejoining? If they joined from the same IP address, the mods could tell (as far as I know). And instead of letting the person have an account (and possibly cause more trouble), the mods and admins simply banned them before that could happen.
Yeah maybe @Kenna18155
We haven't banned anybody in several months that I know of. At least I haven't. One person today got the Spam-O-Matic treatment because their first and only post was an attempt to sell something that had absolutely nothing to do with guinea pigs. That bans them and erases all their stuff, so you wouldn't even see it to be able to click and find no posts.

Somebody has to be pretty obnoxious to get banned, but it does happen occasionally. Not without warning, though.
Oh okay @bpatters
Aah, now I understand. Thank you, @bpatters and @Kenna18155.
I have something to add. Another question, though. A few times I've seen in the "Welcome Newbies" window some names that are in blue font. Not banned, because those are grey. I tried to click on it to see what that meant, but it wouldn't let me access the page. So my question is, what does the blue mean?
Why do you think the banned members appear in gray? The gray ones are people who gave incorrect email addresses when they registered, so their registration isn't complete.
I thought the incomplete was a light pink. There were some banned people with gray names. Right now I think @betok is blue. It won't let me access their profile. I thought moderators were blue, so is a newbie a moderator or is blue banned? I'm now really confused......
OK I just figured it out........ Blue is banned. I don't know how that got all mixed up... Oops sorry every one!!!
How are you even seeing anyone who's been banned? Nobody has been banned in months. What name are you checking that you think has been banned?
(Yesterday when I posted the last time) On the welcome newbies section on the front page, the first name was betok. The name was in blue, and I clicked on it and it took me to a new page and it said "Banned"
The only banned one's I've seen are grayish tan. Recently I noticed a few light blue names, and I was not sure what that was. Is that banned too?
I don't see the name in the list any more, but betok is the one I recently banned. His/her first post was a huge sales pitch that had nothing at all to do with guinea pigs. Posters who do that get submitted to Spam-O-Matic, which bans them from this and other forums, removes any posts, and submits their user names and IP addresses to Spam-O-Matic to help prevent them doing the same thing to other forums.

I just never paid any attention to what color their names were in the list. And I suspect that after the Spam-O-Matic clean-up runs that you can't find them at all.
OK I just figured it out........ Blue is banned. I don't know how that got all mixed up... Oops sorry every one!!!

I believe blue means the person is a moderator.
I saved the screen on my computer and it showed someone was banned and it was a lightish blue. I would post the picture, but I lost it and can't figure out how. @Artista I know blue is a moderator, but it was a different blue. @LoveMyHerd you forgot Cavy Newbie- dark red
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