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How do YOU protect YOUR floor during floor time? Also, need suggestions!


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Dec 5, 2011
I have been layering news paper on top of newspaper on the ground when I give my Pigs floor time. This is becoming a major hassle because they keep trying to get under the newspapers and end up crawling and peeing on the carpeted floor underneath.

I'm looking for what you guys do to protect your floor , and to see if you have any suggestions as to what I can do.
Thanks in advance!
My mom suggested a shower curtain or plastic table cloth under an old blanket or fleece. This would be if you are comfortable washing piggie blankets in your washer.
I have a ton of left over puppy pads that I USED to put underneath the shavings in their cage, but they started digging it up and eating it.. so I can't use it anymore, so I have been lying those down, then news paper, then already used/dirty towels. So far the pee hasn't hit the puppy pads :) I bought them at Walmart, 50 for less than $10.
But thats just what I use, shower curtain or a cheap table cloth plastic side up also works and requires less clean up time! Because yes, I've found floor time turns into a several hour prep/clean up for me.. but I am tight on cash and can't buy anything else really.. ;)
A shower curtain then a layer of fleece. I put a towel folded underneath one pigloo and they use that as the dedicated outhouse.

I tried newspaper when I first got them, but needed way to much for an adequate space to play, and they would just eat it as if it were hay...
I have two washable large pads that are water proof. You can get them at Petco, they go under cat boxes. I lay them out side by side, then put a beach towel over that. The bottom of the pads are like a plastic non-slip material so urine won't soak through.
I got a 4"x6" tarp for 99 CENTS at Ollie's! If you don't know about Ollie's, visit their website and see if there's a location near you. I just use a tarp, then towels, then fleece. :)
The area is lined with cubes, so I normally just have a seperate fleece blanket that i use for playtime only. It doesnt get soiled as quickly but I also dont have to continously diassemble and pack away the playpen as its just an extension of the cage.
I use a plastic table cloth and some towels. I find is very easy to clean up.
i put dog training pads then fleece then i throw out the pads that are peed on and fold up the ones that arent and then use them next time .... hope i helped
I use a shower curtain and then put a blanket on top of it. It works really great!
We use a roll of water resistant ground cover to lay in the hall way...we cut it to the length we needed for their play area..then i lay a old white sheet on half the floor ( as much as it would cover) and then a old black sheet for the rest of the floor. I do this so i can keep a eye on what their pee looks like..!! On the black i can see if they have a lot of calcium in their urine...and the white i can make sure that their is no blood or dark color urine.! But this is just what i do..to keep track of their health. U can say i'm just a lill more paranoid about our piggies sense our lil Skittles died. But after they are done with floor time..i wash the sheets and go rinse off the ground cover.
I leave my pig out all day long and doesn't poop or pee anywhere on my carpet. When he needs to pee or poop he goes straight to his cage. I did not train him to do this. He does it himself.
I wish there was some way to protect the carpet but allow Mufasa to still feel it. He absolutely loves running around on carpet, and I let him do it for a limited time, but most of his floor time is spent in an area with easily washable floors. He goes crazy with joy on the carpet, though, so I'm considering maybe getting some remnants and putting them in his regular floor time area. I'm open to other ideas, too. I want him to get the most fun possible while he's out.
I would LOVE to let my future pigs run around my room for floor time but I'm going to need lots of water proof stuff to cover my floors /: Maybe if I get a bunch of dollar store shower curtains and connect them together that could work. Then maybe I can get some cheap sheets and sew them together. I can just wash the sheets when I'm done and rolll up the curtain (or clean it) ! That might work.
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