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Weight How do you guys put pigs on diets?


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Nov 12, 2011
i know my girls have been getting over weight because i am so far the only owner i have seen with guinea piggies with what looks like double chins. i think it was back before i started to measure their food in take. P.s i do it now but they are not loseing weight. My piggies Look like furry fat balls! and they get mad at me if i lower their food intake they squek all night! help needed please
How much do they weigh?

One of mine has a double chin, and I don't consider her overweight. The other one has too much hair to be able to tell what her chin looks like. Both of mine are just under three pounds each.
From what I have read, there is no real "Piggy diet" The main thing they eat is hay, and there is no "Diet hay", you also can't limit their hay. Make sure that your pigs are only getting 1/4 cup of pellets each at the most, as this is one of the main causes of overweight pigs, and that they have enough room to run around.
Lots of pigs get dewlaps. That doesn't mean they are overweight. If you have an adequate sized cage, and more than one pig in it, and a proper diet, then your pigs are fine.
thank you ill weight them tonite. right now there in their moving cage but after this week they get a waaay bigger cage
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