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How do you deal with the loss months later?


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Jul 8, 2011
My Honey passed away in September. She died soon after having a second surgery to remove bladder stones. She was very ill, but we thought she could get better. Her death was traumatic. I was cleaning her (she had horrible diarrhea) and within seconds of placing her back into the cage she started having seizures. They wouldn't stop. We raced her to the vet, she was given an IV. The vet said she could be severely dehydrated and/or severe hypoglycemia. We left that night, and when I woke up in the morning I was given the worst news. She passed at 2AM. I was told what happened and literally collapsed to the ground (my legs just gave out). She had developed stones in her kidneys which eventually led to a total shut down of organs due to toxic build up. We gave her a proper burial, said our goodbyes, and planted flowers around her grave. They are blooming now, which is nice, but my heart aches sometimes. I'm left with images in my mind that haunt me (the seizures especially). How do I deal with these? Will they ever go away?
I still get twinges of sadness when I think about those I've lost and especially the ones that were sick before they passed. I've found that getting another guinea pig always eased some of the grief and kept me distracted enough that it's lessened some of the sadness.
Grief is a hard thing sometimes. When we love something so deeply it can take time to heal.
Each person grieves differently and the length of the grieving is different for everyone.
I have had many pets in my lifetime. Each loved and special. I can think on them from time to time and my heart will sill give me a sad nudge. Then I remember the good times I had with them, the love and comfort they gave me and I am thankful that they were a part of my life.

Your loss is still new. Your heart is still raw. The rawness will pass. It will pass when the time is right for you. It is ok to grieve, ok to cry for as long as it takes. You then will remember My Honey with love, good memories and all the love and comfort she gave you.

Those flowers about her grave. Rejoice in them. Know that both of you have a new beginning. My Honey at the Rainbow Bridge, playing, eating wonderful grass and waiting for you to come.
You grieving and when your heart is healed enough getting another wonderful little creature that you can love and be loved in return.
I am truly sorry for you loss.
I echo Suzi, allow yourself to grieve, time will help ease the pain. Maybe try writing letter to her or journal abput your feelings. A loss is hard whether it is a human or a pet or something else. Try not to dwell on the seizure and sad memories. Instead replace those with her popcorning and weeking in happiness. She would want to bring a smile to your face and eyes. You will have better days. Take comfort in knowing that you gave her awesome care and love. My condolences.
I remember her with fond memories, I think of the times when she was healthy and happy. It just pains me because her decline was so painful. She had her first surgery last May and then passed in September. It was such a long time for her to be sick. What hurts the most is that she got a bit better then it was like everything dropped off a cliff. She was always plump, she lost weight, she gained, and then the weight just wouldn't stop dropping off. She was so sick, and I know it's better that she passed because she was in pain, but I just wasn't prepared. She wasn't even the oldest pig! I wish I was prepared, because I did have months to do so, but I don't think you ever can be fully prepared. It helps to ease the pain knowing she had time to say good-bye to her friend, Fluffy before passing. We seperated her because of the surgery and recovery, just hours before she passed we placed Fluffy in with her. It was like once she said her "good bye" to Fluffy she decided it was time to go. She even waited until she was all cleaned up, she waited until I set her down...I got to cuddle her one last time. I have happy memories of her - oh my gosh, we got her so young she tried to nurse off Fluffy! And Fluffy, that good heart, didn't bite her head off. She was such a curious pig, loved to popcorn and run and hide in blankets. Honey made us laugh so many times. Boy did she have an attitude some times!

We did get two other pigs about a month after she passed, and it helped some. We had 5 total then one ended up being preggers and we were shown a gift of life with two beautiful healthy babies. How we ended up with a pregnant guinea pig, we don't know. NO ONE knew she was pregnant and even that it was a possibility. Seeing this "gift" helped ease some pain, but then the memories of sadness come back.

I guess you could call me obsessive but I constantly look for signs in my other guinea pigs that there might be a problem. Recently, pepper began tearing off hair from her stomach. I nearly lost it when I noticed. Come to find out that the bedding we has switched to wasn't working for her - we used CareFresh then switched to Aspen, now that we switched to CareFresh again it has begun to heal (at least for now). Then I notice that one isn't eating normally one day, feeling tired, acting strange, looking weird, and I just have all these feelings come back. I think about losing another pig and I just begin to crumble. Fluffy is over 7 years old, she's got spunk still and I love her to bits (she's the smallest pig but she's still the dominant one!) but I know she it getting on in the years. I lost Honey at almost 4 years old, Fluffy has been in my life so much longer...I don't know what I would do if I lost another pig at this time. Is this normal to be obsessive about the smallest "signs" in the other pigs?
:weepy: I haven't lost a piggy yet (I've only had my gps for 2 months) but I've had previous pets pass away and I know it's tough! It will get easier as time goes by. Another pet may help ease the pain - knowing you can give them a wonderful life and share in their joy. My heart still aches when I think about my doggies I've had pass away over the years, especially the ones who were suddenly ill and had to be put down. Know that she is in a better place now and I'm sure she enjoyed all the time she spent with you in the past!

*HUGS* ❤️
Its normal to be on high alert when it comes to the health of your other pigs. Try to relax a little. It will ease up as more time passes.
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